Allen Dronsfield Reports on Tavares Amateur Draw Tournament 2018 11 12

Tavares hosted it’s Amateur Draw tournament Monday under very wet conditions. Rain hampered this event on a few occasions forcing many of the competitors to help remove excess water off the courts. One can only imagine how slow things got, certainly a real challenge.
A very small field with 11 teams stuck it out and got this one into the books in one day.
The Northern District will also host another event this week Thursday and Friday, moving over to Deland in a Mixed Dbls. tournament.
We hope to have those results for you, I lost my partner for that one and am trying to pick up another for this, if not it may be a bit harder to retrieve the results. No lunches at the Deland tournament.

In the Main

1st. Mark Goetzinger/Rodney Lewis ————————————————- Hawthorne/Deland
2nd. Freeda Carr/Steve Raley ———————————————————- Hawthorne/Clermont
3rd. Arlene Jabout/John Moody ——————————————————- C/M/MFL
4th. Donna Lewis/DeWayne Toomey ———————————————— Deland/Clermont

In Consolation

1st. Dick Kana/Bob Woven ————————————————————- Leesburg/C/M
2nd. Christine Inga/Gerald Jabout —————————————————– Deland/C/M
3rd. Joe Inga/Pat Moody —————————————————————- Deland/MFL
4th. Edie Armstrong/Bob Neuhaus ————————————————— Leesburg/Hawthorne

Donna King – Director
Great job to all competitors as well as those that help with the event..

Reported by Allen Dronsfield 11/13/18

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