We Share More From Royal Palms. !!!!! This Time From Japan! 2018 11 13

Hello Shuffleboard Nation!
Pluckypea and The Moonshooter
are coming at you live
from the booming metropolis of Tokyo.

It’s our first time in this incredible city
and I have to say,
it reminds us a ton
of our homes in NYC and Chicago.

The urban experience is in so many ways universal.
People who live in these cities
are choosing to be surrounded
by an absolute teeming mass of humanity.

Millions of souls willingly compelled to share
the same buildings, sidewalks and trains
and in doing so inherently embracing community.

Perhaps our most special day was spent
playing shuffleboard in a little city outside Yokohama.
We were ushered to the Forrest Tsuziki Club
by our friends Kazunari and Mioko
who we’d met playing in the ISA tournaments
in Brazil, Canada and Florida.

This 40 year old shuffleboard club
sports 12 glorious outdoor courts
and about 100 mostly senior members.

Upon entering the club,
the Japanese players gave us a rousing round of applause
and made us feel like the most welcome of guests.

We played shuffleboard for hours with all our new friends
only stopping for a quick lunch of rice balls
(that we call ‘yummy triangles’)
and oolong tea.

The language barrier that had been
a stumbling point for our entire trip
seemed to melt away the moment we got on the courts.
The game itself became our international language of
congratulations for good shots,
and graciousness in failed ones…
a love for the pastime that bound us all together
bridged the gap in age, language and culture.

There’s bunch of different ways
to be good at shuffleboard…
Perhaps you’re great at blocking,
or scoring your hammer,
or putting your opponent in the kitchen.

But the game also has to do with The Bench.
Every shuffleboard court has benches at both sides.
You shoot your biscuits down to the other end
and then you sit and have a conversation with your opponent
while your partners shoot them back.
Maybe it’s about the game,
maybe it’s about the weather,
or family or ideas or events.

A great shuffleboard player is not only
good at making shots and playing with strategy
but they’re also good on the bench.
They’re someone that’s fun to play with and talk to.

Our game is a beautiful one
that brings people together
whether they be a novice playing for the first time
or a pro player from rural Florida,
a seasoned league player from Brooklyn
or a ISA Champion from Tokyo.

Back in Brooklyn,
We’re about to head into the holiday season
and we’re currently accepting cabana party requests
for the month of December.

If you’re looking for
a really special holiday event
that’s so much more
than just a drawn out meal at a restaurant,
a few drinks at a bar,
or a silly instagram opportunity
we’d be happy to welcome you to The Royal Palms
and share our passion for this game
that has changed our lives.

With love and gratitude,
Pluckypea and The Moonshooter

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2 Responses to We Share More From Royal Palms. !!!!! This Time From Japan! 2018 11 13

  1. Glenna says:

    You kids are amazing! What a great posting! Thanks!!!

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  2. hwshuffle says:

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