Davis Memorial; Open To All!! Friday, Nov 23.

George and Clara Davis

Dick Davis and The Avon Park Senior Activities Center are proud to announce The Annual George & Clara Davis Memorial Shuffleboard Tournament will be held on Friday, November 23, 2018.

The tournament will be held at our facility located at 109 E. Main St., Avon Park, FL 33825. We are located in Donaldson Park on Lake Verona in the center of town.

Coffee and doughnuts will be served from 8 to 9 am. Our Opening Ceremonies will begin at 8:45 am. in our historic clubhouse. A 50/50 Drawing will be held … and, there will be Free Door Prizes for everyone. We will have our traditional singing of “O Canada” and the “Star Spangled Banner” prior to hitting the courts.

A catered buffet luncheon will be served at Noon. The menu will be sub sandwiches, fried chicken, potato salad, coleslaw, a beverage of your choice, and home-baked cakes.

The tournament format will be Mingles/Singles and is open to all Amateurs & Pros. We will play 3 games before lunch and 3 games after lunch. Cash Prizes will be awarded to the top 6 players. We should be finished by 3:30 pm.

You are cordially invited to join us for a really fun time. Your cost is $10/person for everything.

*** Since the luncheon is catered, we must know if you are joining us by 1:00 pm. Wednesday! ***

If you have not signed up already and can’t attend our Monday 6 pm. Starlight Shuffle or our Wednesday morning scramble, you may make your reservations via email at :

We hope you will join us and “Catch the Spirit” !!!


Stan speaks: I am now going to give you two MUST READ ARTICLES:  ODE TO OUR LIFE TOGETHER GEORGE DAVIS (1)  AND 2011 11 12 Richard (Dick) Davis  ;

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2 Responses to Davis Memorial; Open To All!! Friday, Nov 23.

  1. Stu Cassell says:

    Have a wonderful tournament. Wish I were there. I miss Avon Park, and I really miss my former fishing buddy, and shuffle board mentor, Dick Davis (plus everyone else of course). Somebody ask Dick if I can come live with him for a month or two? I still have my “Maine to English” translator.
    Stu Cassell

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  2. stanistheman says:

    And YOU WILL CERTAINLY NEED IT???? Shufflers: If you ask Dick, as requested by STU, I guarantee Dick will give you a STORY!!! Stan


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