Have You Been To New York City??? We were in 2016!!

NEW YORK NEW YORK: On Friday June 17th, 2016, Lois and I left for New York City by Motor Coach, leaving from Ottawa at 07:00 and arriving in New Jersey at our Hotel circa 17:00. (We returned on Monday, the 20th.) The hotel was absolutely first class, from the lobby to the rooms, including the restaurant.
Quick summary: On Saturday we took our bus into the city, travelling beneath the Hudson River, to experience first-hand, the sounds and sights, and TRAFFIC of New York City!! Couple of things come to mind. 1) Everyone going into New York must either cross under the River or over the River!! Unless of course they take a Ferry. 2) Although we have travelled extensively, including to both Beijing and Shanghai, we found the traffic to be outrageous, the pedestrians compounded the traffic problems!!?? Our guide told us that only 15% of those who actually live in Manhattan own a car. That means all other cars are “from out of town”, OR are taxis!! I will now insert a pic which clearly demonstrates the VERY HIGH ratio of Taxis (Yellow Vehicles) of the cars on the road??? I found the Taxis always to be rushing; always “nearly” running over the pedestrians??? (I suppose if I had been a passenger I would hold a different opinion?) Not to be forgotten, we were told there was another major taxi company (NOT YELLOW, + Uber) which increases the percentage of taxis on the road. Of course if only 15% of your population owns a car, it follows that Taxis are needed. The SUBWAY is of course a major form of transportation. Staying with traffic and cars, due to the limited “parking space”, cars are parked in layers, that is right, you leave your car and it is hoisted into the air >> taking much less space than the standard parking lot. Think of it!! If you live on an island, and your population continues to grow, space becomes a premium >> and as a direct result, living quarters GO INTO THE SKY!! Thus Skyscrapers!! Our Guide, both on the Bus, but more so on the Boat Cruise around Manhattan, pointed out vivid examples of this > less Open Space > greater number of Condos, Apartments and Other!! Manhattan total area is 22.7 sq miles; 21.5 km long and at its widest point, 3.7 km. NY City total area is 301 sq miles. NY City has 3,700 buses in its 5 boroughs. NY City has 5 boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. They are all linked by a series of bridges, tunnels and ferries. Manhattan is an Island.
OK, back to our 1st Bus Tour of the City, complete with a local guide!! He did a fine job and we learned a great deal >> BUT I am not going there, at least yet!! Lol
Not unexpectedly there were a number of people looking for “support” on the sidewalks. I rather liked this fellow >> although I must acknowledge I missed his complete message. The full message was: Give Me $1.00 OR I’M VOTING FOR TRUMP!! I got the pic; he got the $$.
Let’s Go To Times Square!!
Pic not of high quality BUT it does give you a good appreciation of the number of people > both standing and sitting in Times Square, the same Square we all watch them DROP THE BALL!! I believe I shared with you the abundance of people, people everywhere. Once again, my reference to China > don’t think we ever saw this type of gathering??


Not that it matters a great deal, but the gal on the right has nothing on her breasts but paint!!! I will share a pic of the “Ole Girl” dancing??? What do you think those breasts are going to do??
Money did not seem to be a motivating factor >> although some people did give them a dollar? Are you ready for the Dance by the Senior?? Here it is:
WHAT CAN I SAY?? Where do I go from here??? From Donald Trump to Jesus to NAKED DANCERS!! HEY, LET’S GO TO DINNER at BUBBA GUMP’s.

Our Dinner was FIRST CLASS! Shrimp, Hush Puppies and Chips and Beer!! Great Service by Friendly People!! (Time Line: Dinner here was on the 2nd night, Sunday Night; on the first night, Sat Night, we ate in our Hotel) We both had enjoyed the movie with Tom Hanks, we both enjoyed the restaurant and the atmosphere!!   










I felt comfortable asking the 3 for a pic. To Lois’s surprise they invited her. There were many single constables throughout.


We will now visit the 911 Memorial:

Contrast personified! When you look into the water, the noise of New York is not evident; each individual has his/her thoughts to themselves. Names of those lost on that day, 2011 09 11 appear on the ledge surrounding the wall. Not surprisingly, every visitor spent some time peering into the hole. In total, 2,996 lives were lost as a result of this “911” attack.

                   If you would like to read more about “911”, go here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/September_11_attacks

We sailed by the United Nations but as it was the week-end, no tour was possible.  

I will come back and spend some time on our cruise around the Island. Most enjoyable! We had Great Great Weather!!

On the Cruise we circumnavigate Manhattan Island, see 3 Rivers and 7 major bridges, the Statue of Liberty and many famous landmarks.
The Statue is 151 feet high, and has been in NY Harbour since 1886. Next to the flag, Liberty is probably the “most loved” symbol of American Freedom





















Stan Writing on 2016 06 24 in Calabogie, ON.
Posted on the BLOG, first time, on 2018 11 23.

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6 Responses to Have You Been To New York City??? We were in 2016!!

  1. Kenny says:

    Another great piece Gramps
    thanks again for sharing! always appreciated


  2. stanistheman says:

    Thanks Kenny. Took a longer than usual time to piece that “sucker” together!!! Gramps.


  3. Myrna Bilton says:

    “WONDERFUL MEMORIES “…….wonderful blessings with your lovely wife.


  4. stanistheman says:

    Thanks so very much Myrna!!! I echo your thoughts!! Stan

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Deb Stuart says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time there a couple of years ago!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Alan Gregory says:

    Lots of traffic and pedestrians blending together; first visit was before Uber but dominant colour was yellow. Eccentric occupants of many corners but none as warm blooded as your lady with stickers. Entry by train over the river but under the city to reach the station and Chinese restaurants. Second visit to NY was quick trip to share seats at Yankee Stadium with son Gordon to see Yankees beat some team I don’t remember. Thanks Stan.


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