We Give You Motivational Info. on the 6th CANADIAN INTER-PROVINCIAL. Time to Apply Shufflers!!

On the left is the Nova Scotia BLUENOSERS!!  On the right the Alberta Wild Rose Team!!  Bothe pix above were taken in 2009, the Bluenosers are standing at the front of the Coldwater Shuffling Facility; the Albertans waiting to board  Miss Midland, our Cruise Ship, for our wonderful Cruise!!   The OCCASSION was of course the very first Inter-provincial Tournament hosted by the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club.

Adele  Stokowski of the Wild Rose Team said this at the time: We are all very pleased to represent the Alberta Wild Rose Team. Our greatest accomplishment with the I.P. Tournament will be the friendship we will develop with fellow shufflers through out Canada. We wish every participant great personal successful friendships in a competitive spirit. Submitted by Adele Stokowski, 2009 07 25.

Glenna Earle sent along this fine, VERY FINE intro from the NS TeamNova Scotia Bluenosers IP Team 2

To keep things a little different for each Province, for ON I  am giving you the bios of the players:  2009 IP BIOS ON    Nick Klym had to withdraw, and Dan Morgan replaced him. 

Time well spent to read this article!! It tells you something about the “birth” of the very first IP, the 2009 IP held in Coldwater, ON1st Canadian IP 2009

I now give you a file containing the NAMES of the Participants in the 2009, VERY FIRST, Inter-Provincial: Participants in the 1st (2009) IP  ;

To read about the PQ Team, CLICK: La Belle Province













I told you earlier that Our Cruise on the Miss Midland was a giant success: 2009 IP 5 CRUISE MISS MID.;

I had better give you a report on One Game: 
After 7 games we have only 2 players who have gone undefeated. Those 2 are now playing each other on Court 1!
From Canada’s East Coast at the Head of St Margaret’s Bay in Nova Scotia, we have David Earle. From the South Western section of Ontario from the small town of Belle River, we have Henry Strong.
Both players winter in FL, both are from the Central District of FL. Both are on “the hunt” for points! Right now however; both are doing their best to maintain their “perfect record”.
At the half way point David has a substantial lead. Time will tell if the difference is in the colour or the court!! Henry surged back to come within 4 points of tying the game. The lead however; was not to be maintained. With 1 frame to play, it is 29 for David and 14 for Henry. And the game ends >> 29 for David and 14 for Henry. The man from the Head of St Margaret’s Bay goes to the Head of the Class.
Stan of The Shuffler 2009 08 25.

My Good Wife Lois; My Wonderful Wife Lois, was the Tournament Director and Prime Organizer of this Very First Inter-Provincial. Here she is standing with the 1st Place Men’s Team from Nova Scotia: 

SHUFFLERS; that is it for the First IP; succeeding events got even better!! I strongly recommend you submit your application SOON, VERY SOON!!    https://theshufflersnews.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/ingersoll-ip-change2019.pdf ; Ontario Players should go here: https://shuffleon.org/2018/11/24/2019-ip-player-application-form-e-version/ ;

DO HOPE YOU ENJOY!!  Took me about 12 hours to assemble!!

Stan McCormack,  Serving CNSA President at the time of the 1st IP. Posted 2018 11 25.


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