Allen Dronsfield Reports: 2018 11 28.

Allen Dronsfield Speaks:  After an uncontrollable absence from reporting I have the most recent results from the P09A tournament held at Hawthorne. As we have all come to appreciate and expect Bill Jones, Bob Robinson and staff did an exceptional job preparing and putting on this tournament. Pauline and her crew made lunches available to us all as well. A new creation called a sloppy dog was offered also. Thanks Pauline..
Many chose to come to Hawthorne that would normally have gone to Briney Breezes, combing for 60 teams male and female. The large turnout required some to wait on courts.
George Adyns did a great job as he always does keeping things going as best he could. Some had to wait on others to catch up up, but that happens.
Bill Jones and crew had a great sound system setup again and covered by a canopy which at one time turned into a parachute after the wind got a hold of it. It somewhat turned that into a paragliding experience for some.
Rains came down hard on day one shutting it down for the remainder of that day. Picking it up again on day two it appeared it was going to go 3 days. Day two brought breezes and colder temperatures came along with the breezes. Thanks to a little help from a few teams day 3 was avoided.
The valuable sponsorship of All Florida Weatherproofing was on hand and with souvenir handouts. Thank you, All Florida Weatherproofing.
A reminder that next week we travel to Lakeland and the Presidents Trophy (Roll of Champions tournament) this year it’s a Mixed Dbls. tournament. As I see there will be no lunches available at this one.
The results of the Hawthorne tournament will show that both Mike Seyfer and Ron Nurnberger edge even closer to the 200 FSA point mark, it appears they will make it in time for this season induction. Keep it going guys..

Ladies Main
1st. Joyce Marquis/Pam Nurnberger —————————————————————– Bradenton
2nd. Ruth Brown/Flo Kowalewski ———————————————————————- Sebring/Bradenton
3rd. Marion Lohbusch/Sue McLaughlin ————————————————————– Hawthorne
4th. Alice Enos/Colleen Austin ————————————————————————- Sunny Grove/Lee County

Ladies Consolation
1st. Doris Hanke/Sharon Upson ———————————————————————– Hawthorne
2nd. Marlene Corbeil/Linda Armstrong ————————————————————— Winter Haven/Sanlan
3rd. Mary Jane Neumann/Carol May —————————————————————– Leesburg/Hawthorne
4th. Carol Adams/Sue Krynak ————————————————————————– Hawthorne/Sanlan

Men’s Main
1st. Dave Kudro/Erik Hahmann ———————————————————————— Bradenton/St. Pete
2nd. Dean Myklejord/Mike Seyfer ———————————————————————- Lakeland/Zephyrhills
3rd. Jeffrey Geesey/Lee Newell ———————————————————————— Hawthorne
4th. Keith Morton/Stan Kowalewski ——————————————————————- Sebring/Bradenton

Men’s Consolation
1st. Allen Dronsfield/Bob Robinson ——————————————————————- Leesburg/Hawthorne
2nd. Frank Cherill/Dave Dean ————————————————————————— Leesburg
3rd. Ron Nurnberger/Mike Marquis ——————————————————————– Bradenton
4th. Tom Feeley/Steve Raimondi ———————————————————————– Clearwater

Reported By Allen Dronsfield 11/28/18  Stan Speaks: SUPER REPORT; Thanks very much!!

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