John Brown Newspaper Report Posted on the Shuffler. Thanks John and Dolores. 2018 11 28

Some unique or unusual things happen on occasion which might be of interest to readers. Please consider this as unique, regardless of who accomplished it.
On January 9, 1996, as a State Amateur playing in the 1996 Men’s National Amateur Non-Walking Singles at Winter Haven, this happened to me. Four of the tens were fortunate enough to have backstops. In the other two, the board was blocked leaving only the ten as a possible target. So sixty of my seventy-five points required for the wins were tens.
I have mentioned this to several players over the years, and no one has ever seen or heard of such a game. Nor have I in seventy-two years and five months ever done it, or heard of it before or since.
The above mentioned tournament has long since been moved to Lakeland, and now is limited to 12 frames, but it is still a nice opportunity for any Amateurs, and winners get a National Pin. Mark your calendar for January 7, 2019, M/L, Non-Walking, 12 Frames.
Readers are welcome to mention other interesting facts that pertain to shuffling or shufflers for inclusion in future issues.
FL P-08A at Lakeland, November 19-20, M/L, 75 points. Ladies Consolation: 4. Flo Kowalewski & partner.
FL P-08B at Bradenton, Nov. 19-20, M/L, 75 points. Ladies Main: 1. Pam Nurnberger-Joyce Marquis, 2. Nancy Sclafani & partner, 3. Terri Smith-Marilyn Everett, 4. Jill DeBruyne-Kathy Laver. Consolation: 1. Arlene McCague-Kay Lynn Duncan, 2. Lois Wegner-Marlene Coburn, 3. Adriana Cramton-Siggy Gudzus, 4. Linda Wallingford-Donna Schultz. Men’s Main: 1. Dave Kudro & partner, 2. Ron Nurnberger-Mike Marquis, 3. Larry Mardis-Larry Taylor, 4. Bill Comford-Gerry Johnson. Consolation: 1. Elmer Heisler-Phil Booher, 3. Faren VanDeGrift-Ben Coy, 4. Joseph Kent-Phil Krick.
No Southwest Coast district tournament last week due to Thanksgiving holiday.
Tomorrow , Thursday, Nov. 29 at Bradenton, SWCD D-8, Open M/L Doubles, 75 points.
Friday, Nov. 30 at Bradenton, SWCD A-5, 16/75 points, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. Not a draw, need a partner, often one or more to choose from on a Friday.
Next Monday, Dec. 3-5 at Lakeland, FL P-10, Open Mixed Doubles, 75 points. Also next Monday, Dec. 3-5 at Avon Park, FL A-7, National Amateur Mixed Doubles. (Note: Dec. 3, both State Tournaments require one man and one lady.)
. Larry Mardis was the only Pro player to win all 6 games at Palmetto on Black Friday. David Evenson also won 6 in the Amateur Division. Prizes went to the top 5; the food, courts, and weather were fine. Amateurs played each other as did Pros.
. Word is received of the passing of Willie Searcy of Palmetto Shuffle Club, who was recently in Hospice at Inman, South Carolina. Our sympathy to Emma and her family. Faithful members at Palmetto for many years, they were friendly and popular, and will be missed.
Happy Shuffling.

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