Marlene Corbeil Reports on CDA07 and CDP07 for the Central District of the FSA!!! Hosted by Winter Haven.

Winter Have Newly Resurfaced Courts.  The City is going to have an opening ceremony once the buildings and benches are painted.  President Marlene Corbeil.  

Main Ams,
!st Gerrit Dykman Joe Villeneuve 3459
2nd Wayne Edgett Nancy Foley 3452
3rd Edwaed Fairhurst Bill Badgley 4146
4th Dianne Beaulier Robert Davies 3456
Con Ams
1st Evon Martin Tim Baker 4135
2nd Gary Sorko Michial Schmitt Missing
3rd Jim Foley Jim Paige 4142
4th Davis Bryans Fred Ritzman 4138

Main CDP07
1st Heather Morgan Pauline Murphy 4164
2nd Bob Hoskins Larry Lane
3rd Gary McGaffey George Rosema
4th Ozcar Clarin Earl Bal

Con CDP07

1st Delane Ruess Diane y
2nd Cheryl Conkle Ron Dawson
3rd Jim Helms John Houghtaliing
4th William Starace Dan Morgan

TD Marlene Corbeil.  2018 11 30.

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