“Shoutout” to the Allens, Beth and Jim, by Helen Biaggi!!

Shout out to Allen R Shuffleboard

Helen Biaggi Speaks:  Steve and I want you say how much we appreciate the excellent service that Allen R Shuffleboard provides.

Although Steve and Jim have known each other for years, I don’t have a particular story to tell, only to say, my recent request was handled immediately and we would like to acknowledge Jim for his commitment to the highest level of customer service.

Now, I know, as many of us do that behind every successful man is a working woman. Kudos to Beth, who is as dedicated as Jim is. Always a friendly voice on the phone. What a team. A team that loves what they are doing with the person they love doing it with.

Allen R Shuffleboard is a successful company because they care and are very much appreciated!! Sent along by Steve and Helen Biaggi.  2018 12 01


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2 Responses to “Shoutout” to the Allens, Beth and Jim, by Helen Biaggi!!

  1. Deb Stuart says:

    Every word true!!


  2. Sandi Quinn says:

    I agree with every word! Thanks for posting, Helen & Steve. I hope Jim & Beth know how much they are appreciated, as well as Sam & Marcia!


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