Avon Park Hosts The Juanita Harlow USANSA Amateur Mixed Doubles Tournament 2018

Hey Shufflers!!! IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO PLAY!!!

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The Juanita Harlow
USA NSA Amateur Mixed Doubles Tournament 2018
Mon. & Tues., December 3rd. & 4th.
109 E. Main St., Avon Park, Florida 33825


Here’s your opportunity to participate in a NATIONAL MIXED DOUBLES tournament is right here in Avon Park! Bring your best partner and join in on the fun and excitement of competing for this National Medal and prize money!


2004 Juanita Harlow Don Rood.
2005 Ralph Lozano Luellan Cooghlin
2006 Diane Bardsley David Dick
2007 Heather Morgan Dan Morgan.
2008 Carl Wile Anna Eldridge
2009 Sharon Rohman Don Rohman
2010 Phil Booher Gloria Hollander
2011 David Quincel Anna Eldridge
2012 Ray Miller Odessa Miller
2013 Gabby Gabbard Marilyn Wile
2014 Teresa Vermuelen Moe Vermuelen
2015 Marti Noble Dan Noble
2016 Cindy Slaughterbeck Steve Slaughterbeck

2017 Ethelene Nash – Bill LaBranche)

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