My next-door neighbour, Joyce has limited vision, and of course cannot drive. I have told her many times that should she need a ride, I would be more than happy to accommodate her.   6 months passed, and NO CALL??

Surprise Surprise!!  To-day, 2018 12 03 in the early afternoon my phone rang. It was Joyce on the other end.  To my delight, she came right out and asked if I could take her to the Grocery Store.  She gave no reason; she did not have to. I asked her when she would like to leave; she said it was up to me. I said in one minute; she said how about 3??  We left in 3 minutes.

I pulled the car over by her front door. She entered and asked if it would be all right to go to the grocery store by Tim Hortons.  It is a little further than the grocery store she normally uses. I responded in the affirmative, and off we went.  We arrive two minutes later, and in we go.  In we go WITHOUT A CART. I return and bring one in for her and offer to be the pusher. Joyce has already begun her shopping.  Remember, she has limited vision. You and I have enough trouble reading labels. She cannot.  I quickly realized I had become her reader, and quite enjoyed same.  She did not have to ask for the location of items. It was quite apparent she had shopped here before, even though she could not possibly walk this far. She shared with me that she enjoys the change, and tries to get her once a month.  She sure seemed to enjoy the experience; we both laughed as we checked the many items, for “date”, and proper name?   The cart was filling up, but as I sensed she seemed to be still ‘looking’, I offered to “go around again”.  She declined, and we headed for the counter.

I had picked up one item.  This caused some confusion at the Check Out.  I jokingly said that “We Have Not Been Married That Long”, as the reason for the misunderstanding!!   I carried Joyce’s groceries into her house and told her HOW VERY MUCH I HAD ENJOYED THE EXPERIENCE.

Life is GOOD!! EVEN BETTER when you give someone a hand!!! 

Stan McCormack writing on 2019 12 03 10:43.

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  1. Gary pipher says:

    Even shopping can be enjoyable when you are with a friend and know you are needed.


  2. stanistheman says:

    YOU GOT IT GARY!!! Thanks. Stan


  3. Kenny says:

    Agree with Gary.. a small friendly gesture can go a long way for someone. Happy to see you helping around the community Gramps 🙂


  4. Myrna Bilton says:

    Lovely story… made Joyce happy.
    What a nice feeling for you Stan…helping your friend.


    • stanistheman says:

      Thanks Myrna!! YOU ARE OH SO CORRECT. This evening, my son and his wife and I walked Joyce to the Santa Clause Parade here in Beautiful Bobcaygeon; she thoroughly enjoyed seeing all THE BRIGHT LIGHTS!! (Son Gregg filled her in on the Details of each float.) I told her about “the posting’, the story “Shopping With ….Bobcaygeon.” She was so excited she came back to my Unit, I am in Unit 3; She lives in Unit 2. I displayed the story on the screen of my LARGE TV. She can work her phone. I gave her the link to the article, and she IS HAPPY AS HECK!!! In case you wondered, SHE SAVED THE LINK ON HER PHONE!! I am confident MANY SHUFFLERS have performed similar acts of kindness!! May I suggest you send it along and I WILL POST. Stan


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