Allen Dronsfield Gives Us the Northern District’s Tournament Results!! 2018 12 08

The Northern District held it’s tournament this week over in New Smyrna Beach at the Coronado/Mainland Club. This was a Pro Dbls. and an Amateur Dbls. Numbers show that there were 30 Pro’s and 18 Amateur’s present for this one.
Tom Carbonell the President of the Coronado club was the sponsor, Richie & Carolyn Burrell were the Directors.
It was sunny but on the cool side for part of the day, being close to the beach also makes it breezy at times.
As the late afternoon sun came over us cooler temperatures moved in.
The Hawthorne Club will be hosting our District tournament next Thursday and Friday. This will be a Mixed Dbls. Tournament.
Pauline and her lunches will be available, she always ways has a good layout.

Pro’s – Main Event
1st. Dennis Buelk/Tom Rimmer —————————- Coronado/Mainland
2nd. Allen Dronsfield/Ralph Lyon ————————- Leesburg
3rd. Rex Galusha/Stan Williamson ———- Coronado/Mainland/Quail Hollow
4th. John Giumarra/Felix Piscitelli ———-Coronado/Mainland/Deland

Pro Consolation
1st. Jan Dally/Edna Triplett ————————-Deland/Coronado/Mainland
2nd. Walt Bartels/Cheryl Cole ———————–Tavares
3rd. Howard Chambers/George Snyder ————Inverness/Clermont
4th. Tom Allen/Vern Ivey —————————- Clermont/Inverness

Amateur’s – Main Event
1st. Tom Carbonell/Mouse Wolven ——————- Coronado/Mainland
2nd. Tom Grubb/Zac Wonson ———————— Coronado/Mainland
3rd. Bonnie & Randy Radke ————————— Coronado/Mainland
4th. Allen Best/Rich Kordeleski ———————– Coronado/Mainland

Amateur Consolation
1st. Mark Engel/Paul Hodges ————————–Leesburg
2nd. Debbie Evans/Cindy Wonson ——————-Coronado/Mainland
3rd. Honey Donnelly/Rose Sargent ——————-Coronado/Mainland
4th. Chris & Joe Inga ———————————–Coronado/Mainland

There you have folks, have a great weekend, hope to see you all next week.
Reported by Al Dronsfield 12/8/18

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