A Novel Idea/Suggestion by Steve McKown. 2018 12 11

Steve McKown Speaks: I had been hearing the last several years that some of the places were seeing a decline in interest and having problems getting new shufflers.

We had an open day at our place and I devised a “Handicap Shuffle” event they  now play every Thursday. It is the most popular and best attended event we have and we have organized shuffle of some sort 7 days a week. Last season we had 70 different people that played. It allows a beginner to compete equally with a seasoned veteran and they love it when they win.
Attached is a copy of the rules. We now have people with handicaps ranging from 5 to 60 and boy is that exciting trying to catch up from that! It does require a devoted person to run it and keep all the records. (Must keep W/L and update handicaps every week.) Also the system discourages sand baggers as you can’t win at years end by building your handicap. If you have any interest or questions let me know.  Steve


Handicap Shuffle Rules Revised 11-29-18  and Here is an example of years end Handicaps. : Weekly Handicap 2    Stan Speaks: Thank You Steve for your INTEREST IN IMPROVING TURNOUT!!

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