FSA CD Winter Haven; A08B 2018 12 11

1st and 2nd in the Main; See 4222 below for names

See 4230 below, for names

See 4225 Below

A08B Winter Haven Dec.11, 2018, 30 Players
TD Marlene Corbeil Cathy Renwick
1st Fred Thompson Paul Hodges4222
2nd Joe Castiglia Alfred Culberson4222
3rd Tom Westfall Wayne Rose 4230
4th Lynne Meeks Ginger Bauman 4225

See 4217 Below

1st Francis League Gary Sorko Missing
2nd Jim Crowell Ellie Crowell Missing
3rd Jim Foley Marsha Lojewski 4217
4th Frank Pogel Mary Temoke 4217

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