Fort Pierce Shuffleboard Club hosted it’s first state tournament (P 11A)


The Fort Pierce Shuffleboard Club hosted it’s first state tournament (P 11A) which concluded on Tuesday afternoon. 60 men and women from Fort Myers, Bradenton, Sebring, Clearwater, Zephyrhills, Hollywood, Melbourne, Stuart and Port St. Lucie braved the cold and windy two days. Our beautiful location on the water can be a challenge to players in this type of weather.

Volunteer workers at Ft. Pierce. Left to right:
Dick Stonechiper, Rich Anderson, Dave Clugstone, George Shaver, Phil Rebholz, Bill Southers, Dave Clendenin and Greg Jones

Phil’s request for help drew a great response. Seven men (Bill Southers, George Shaver, Rich Anderson, Dick Stonecipher, Dave Clendenin, Greg Jones and Dave Clugstone) arrived around 7 AM. The response from other clubs is very much appreciated. We also recruited some new members.

We were thrilled when first year pros, Rose Williams and May Mahon from Whispering Creek Park captured the championship in the Women’s Main event.  See their pic at top:

Tom Winkelspecht and Bob Hovatter won the Men’s Main Event; see pic at top; .Bob Hovatter is on the left and Tom is on the right.

We had two couples play on our courts for the first time. Stan and Flo Kowalewski, Bradenton and Roy and Shirley Briegel, Sebring, and they played well.

Linda Rebholz:  2018 12 12  For compete Results:

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