ANOTHER IDEA TO INCREASE PARTICIPATION!!! If you have one, please send it along.

Stan, I am George Leisure From the Lakeland FL. Shuffleboard Club. We have had discussions of the shortage of new players especially younger ones coming into the sport. However, when they come and play shuffleboard they seem to love the game. Recently while I was going to businesses to find event sponsors I ran across the Lakeland Magic who talked with me about the sport of shuffleboard and invited us to be part of the Orlando Magic’s farm team, Lakeland Magic, Faith and family night on January 11, 2019. They asked us if we could come and set a court up to display the play of shuffleboard at one of their home games. There’s a real need to let people see sport activities the entire family, elementary sons and daughters mom’s, dad’s, grandpa’s and grandma’s could all play together or separately. I am starting the process of making that come together.

Why I Am writing to you is to ask if you have a good online source showing the proper measurements to lay out a complete court on the cement with painters tape including the seating area and score boards. We plan on using glass beads that will be vacuumed up after the half time interview. If you could send a link showing all measurements I would be very grateful! I love to promote shuffleboard and the Lakeland Magic is a great community minded organization to work with.  ((Proper Measurements Link has been sent to George))  Click here to see the first idea:  


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2 Responses to ANOTHER IDEA TO INCREASE PARTICIPATION!!! If you have one, please send it along.

  1. Peter Berg says:

    Hi Stan
    I have all the dimensions for the courts Imperial or Metric. Let me know who needs them. I will send them to him. Just need an e-mail address.


  2. stanistheman says:

    Hi Peter!! Thank You So Very Much!! George Leisure needs them. Unfortunately I do not have George’s e-mail. I have asked Dean Myklejord to contact him. George and Dean are both members of the Lakeland Club. George did NOT contact me directly >> thus no E-mail. Dean’s e-mail is:


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