Larry Brown Speaks in 2005!!

Browns in Colour; 2005

Stan Speaks in 2018:  This article from 2005 tells you How The Shuffler Used To Be!!! We Were Provocative!!  We Were Willing, in fact Anxious to raise the eyes of our Leaders!!!  We Did, and We Had An Impact!!  Larry was a great contributor. 

Larry Brown Writing in 2005:  Been gone a month ~~ out to the mountains ~~ and just now, getting caught up on all the reading in THE SHUFFLER. I have really enjoyed the opinions of Mr. Estes, Glen (Peltier), Ed (O‘Neal), Gus (Bondi), David Earle, Ted Dick, Larry Luchi, Max Tate, Jerry & Sue Krynak, & of course Earl’s (Ball) significant contribution to the topic of change to shuffleboard.
I remember a few years back when someone had an idea, good or bad, you would corner another player at a tournament, bend their ear, and not much would ever come of it. Then along came cyberspace and you could start emailing your ideas to a few people. Then, lo & behold, along came a couple of fellows named, Stan & Alf, who gave us a vehicle(The Shuffler) to reach one or a thousand shufflers each day with our ideas. What I find amazing is that there are not more people taking advantage of this site to express their ideas. I know there are a lot of shufflers out there who want change and a lot who do not. I wish I had a magic wand to wave and satisfy everyone. As a member of the Executive Board of the Central District of FL, our shufflers are telling us they would like to try change. I honestly believe the State Board needs to let Districts try their 12 frames on each color per match; play four to five matches one day ~~ (tournament over). I hear “State Pros” telling me that if they don’t start having eight or nine draws and some frame games, they will just play in one day club tournaments on Mondays. I personally think the biggest obstacle facing the Monday State Tournaments is the hundred dollar motel rooms and the soon to be $3.00 gal. gas in the “good old USA.” Earl Ball’s article on this page about the season being too long is “right on”!! Change along the lines of Earl’s suggestion will earn the State Board nothing but “cheers”!! Begin the season the 3rd week in October and finish the 2nd week in March. (Hurray for Earl). Larry Brown, 1st Vice-President, Central District. 2005 07 22.
Stan’s Note: It is good to have you back Larry ~~ back from your holiday, and back as a reader of The Shuffler. With regard to the number of Shufflers who actually “pick up pen” and write to The Shuffler; stats tell us that for each person who does (write in), there is, in the “similar population”, a very significant number who hold a like view, but do not express that view openly, that is by writing to us. WE, Alf and Stan, extend a special invitation to all Office Holders at either the Club, the District, or at the State Level, to “pick up pen” and tell us where you stand!!!!!

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