FSA CDP09M Hosted by the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club, John Schlaffer President

Men’s Pro Main CDP09M
1st Gary Mcgaffey Zephyrhills
2nd John Houghtaling Zephyrhills
3rd Harold Cunningham Sebring
4th Delane Ruess Betmar

Men’s Pro Consolation
1st David Earl Zephyrhills
2nd Ron Dawson Winter Haven
3rd Larry Metzgar Betmar
4th Mack Camaione Lakeland

Pro Ladies Main CD09L
1st Catherine Renwick Sebring
2nd Glenda Brake Zephyrhills
3rd Sue Krynak Sanlan
4th Sue Dungey Zephyrhills

Ladies Pro Consolation
1st Glenna Earle Zephyrhills
2nd Nancy Myklejord Lakeland
3rd Linda Armstrong Sanlan
4th Nancy Singleton Pioneer Creek
Director George Adyns

Men’s Amateur Main CDA09M
1st Raimo Saari Winters Park
2nd Dan Davis Zephyrhills
3rd Jim Bell Lakeland
4th Bill Badgley Zephyrhills

Men’s Amateur Consolation
1st Paul Hawkins St. Cloud
2nd Jim Crowell Zephyrhills
3rd Frank Pogel Zephyrhills
4th Robert L Miller Lakeland

Ladies Amateur Main CDA09L
1st Ellie Crowell Zephyrhills
2nd Joanne Clark Woodbrook
3rd Nancy Foley Lakeland
4th Betty Russell Betmar

Ladies Amateur Consolation
1st Rae Letarte Sanlan
2nd Janet Minor Betmar
3rd Diane Beaulier Zephyrhills
4th Mary Temoke Avon Park
Director Cheryl Conkle

Another note : Dan Davis made his Pro Point by placing 2nd.

Thanks Stan , John President of Lakeland SBC.  2018 12 15.

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