Christmas Greetings From the Zellners!!!! Michael-Ivone-Gabriel and Isabella

Dear Santa,
That Yamaha Jet boat you brought me last year is wonderful. Fast and Furious. The “Aggressor” takes to the sea like a duck to water. The fishing tackle is perfect too. And best of all that request to win some shuffleboard tournaments did come true too. (smile)
Ivone’s life threatening surgery this year was nothing short of a miracle and we are grateful for that but I do believe that one you passed on to the Good Lord for some divine intervention. Isabella and Gabriel are also grateful to have Ivone healthy and out of danger. It has been a good year for our family aside from some elderly deaths in the family and among our fellow shufflers as well.
In 2018, we had to say goodbye to some very special individuals who touched our lives through shuffleboard. May they each rest in Peace and know their memory lives on through us. As we age gracefully, I’ve come to realize its not the game nor the score that really matters most, rather its the ability to each day rise from our beds, head off to tournaments and spend the entire day competing alongside our friends and then be healthy and capable of doing it over and over until death do us part.
The “Zellners” wish all of our shuffleboard family a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous Holiday Season and New Year.

Michael-Ivone-Gabriel and Isabella

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