FSA CD ; CDA10 and CDP10. TD Marlene Corbeil 2018 12 29. Results Sent Along by BOTH State TD Monroe and TD Corbeil.

Happy New Year to all SHUFFLERS. Marlene and Jim Corbeil.

Keith Morton Harry Clement Willie Weed Ron Dawson

TD Marlene Corbeil Speaks: The Results from the CDA10, CDP10, from ST. Cloud. We had to cancel the tournament last week due to the weather. We held the tournament this Friday and Saturday. We had 25 pros and 26 ams, for this modified tournament.
Happy New Year to you, ALL SHUFFLERS!!
Marlene Corbeil

CDA10 Main . Amateurs
1st Gerrit Dykman Fran Bakker
2nd Edward Fairhurst Steve Showers
3rd Sue Ryan Wayne Edgett
4th . Dottie Sparks Pat Preston

Jim Paige Ellie Crowell Mary Temoke Jim Crowell 4256

CDA10 Consolation Amateurs
1st . Nancy Foley Jim Foley
2nd Frank Pogel . James Marquess
3rd . Mary Temoke . Jim Crowell
4th . Ellie Crowell . Jim Paige

Barbara Fournier David Sanborn Earl Ball Bob Pembroke. 4246

CDP10 Main Pros.
1st . Don Rood . Glenda Brake
2nd Pauline Murphy Heather Morgan
3rd Bob Pembroke . Earl Ball
4th Barbara Fournier David Sanborn

Don Rude Glenda Brake. Pauline Murphy Heather Morgan 4240

Keith Morton Harry Clement Willie Weed Ron Dawson

CDP10 Consolation
1st . Ray Fournier . Brenda Dawson
2nd . Clar Brake . Ed Perkins
3rd . Ron Dawson Willie Weed
4th . Keith Morton . Harry Clement
TD Marlene Corbeil.  2018 12 29

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