Tavares and Ivan and Lorraine Layton, host an open one day tournament.

As a tradition, Tavares and Ivan and Lorraine Layton, host an open one day tournament. The Layton’s started this tradition years ago, and if I am correct in Ocala, and brought it south with them to Tavares.

Before I continue, the Layton’s celebrated their  62nd anniversary yesterday, what a milestone.

Each year this event has a theme, it wasn’t to long ago the theme was the 100th Anniversary tournament; each of us dressed up in the attire of the era, 1913.  Some really interesting appearances came out of this.  Also of importance was that our courts had been freshly resurfaced and a few of our city council representatives showed up to cut the ribbon and try their hand at pushing some disc’s.
This years theme was the Ugly Christmas Sweater event and the creativity of our new love birds Ralph Lyon and Edie Armstrong took 1st. in the men and women’s categories. There were also placing Christine Giumarra for a Who Let the Dogs in sweater and Rick Enright’s Christmas Tree sweater all lit up.
Attendance was great and lunch served by Edie and and our kitchen gal Judith. The beans were a new addition and were great, keep them coming. The Layton’s shared their Anniversary cake with all.  Posted at the top.
Well as weather would have it we arrived to wet courts due to the overnight drizzles. The courts were prepared as best possible and with a show of hands the die hard shufflers chose to give it a try. To no surprise we were all challenged with hydroplaning disc’s on very slow courts.
We had 24 pro’s and 16 amateur’s both St. and District.
We played two games then broke for lunch while we re-waxed the discs. After lunch the courts were dry or drying and were back up to speed. Everyone appeared to have a great time.
16 places were payed out in both the pro’s and the am’s.
I haven’t listed all the payouts, I am giving you the top 3 of the pro’s and I only have the top 2 in the am’s.
This event is a draw tournament, yes luck of the draw and we play 5 games.

Pro’s, the top 3 all had 5 wins – 1st. Gail Howell, 2nd. Al Dronsfield, 3rd. Harold Hamilton
Amateur’s with all 5 – 1st. Dick Kanan, 2nd. Mark Engel, 3rd Rod Lewis.

Tavares thanks you all for coming out, see you next Christmas.

Reported by Allen Dronsfield 12/30/18

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