An Oldie from 2009!! I Was There; Were You????

Jim and Ninfa Loved This Picture

Jim Bailey Takes the World Championship in 2009!! bailey wins world

Click on the link to read the PRIME STORY!!  Jim had such a wonderful career that I cannot but share with you some additional stories from my archives!!  The Prime Story was sent along by Bob Weber. Stan Speaks:  As some of you may remember, Jim Bailey was one of the group of 10 Shufflers selected to demonstrate Shuffleboard to the World in Lithuania!!!  ((Lois and I were also selected.))  I just LOVE the pic on the left, a pic of Jim teaching this not so attractive young female how to shuffle!!   Needless to say, we had a Wonderful Afternoon!! LOL  Here is the announcement re the trip, back in 2012: “10 Shufflers Go To Lithuania in July!!  That is correct Shufflers: On July 4th, 2012, Gus Bondi, Jim Bailey, Lois McCormack, Stan McCormack from North America will fly to Frankfurt Germany where they will meet up with Michael Zellner, Bernar Borges, Camile Caldas, and Gabriel Zellner of South America. From Frankfurt they will fly to Riga in Latvia and then travel to Siauliai, Lithuania where they will be joined by Dieter Hussmann and Marius Runge of Germany. All will participate in this TAFISA (The Association For International Sport Assn.) world class presentation of Sports. Held every four years, the week-long Games are a vibrant and entertaining experience, offering a unique opportunity for the public to discover the traditional and contemporary games.” 

Keeping Jim in the Headlines,  I give you another story while we were in Lithuania: Story With An Upbeat Finish and just to Top It Off, I give you this fine article by fellow shuffler Earl Ball:  

JIM BAILEY, TOP SHELF THEN, TOP SHELF NOW!  (Earl Speaking in 2007.)  

Earl Ball Speaks in 2007: A couple of years ago I wrote an article about Jim and Stan has asked if I’d like to update the article. Jim’s one of those easy to write about people because “what you see is what you get”. I’ve never known Jim to say one thing and do another; don’t get me wrong he doesn’t always do what I would want him to and I don’t like that, but he does what he says he will.

In the original article I said he was very committed to the game and he still is. He’s had to give up his offices in the District and at the Club but only because he has taken on the job of President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association, possibly the largest and certainly the most influential Shuffleboard Association in the world. And as if that is not enough, he’s the National Shuffleboard Associations 2nd Vice President. You wouldn’t think he could do much more but he’s serving on a very important committee for the International Shuffleboard Association attempting to setup the 1st world Singles Championship with the objective of determining the top 64 players, by rank, in the world. To top it off he came back to Florida a Month early this year so he could help paint and re-line all the courts at the Bradenton Club. It must be the Marine in him, no quit!

When I wrote the article in 2005 Jim was in the process of demonstrating that he was a fine player; what he has done since 2005 is demonstrate with conviction and determination that he is a Great Player >> indeed, one of the games superstars. Jim has qualified for the Florida Shuffleboard “Hall of Fame” with a fabulous 2006-2007 season when he won just about everything in site and will be inducted into the FSA HOF in January of 2008.

In the intervening period between 2005 and 2007, Jim has won a couple of National titles and has been an important part of two World Championship teams. Just to prove he’s as good as there is, he won all 11 matches at the last International World Championships in Midland, ON, a rare feat indeed; but he’s almost done it three times having won 10 of 11 in Brazil as well as in Lakeside, OH.  I bet he’ll accomplish just as much in the next couple of years and I’ll write about him again.
Earl Ball of THE SHUFFLER 2007 10 30.

Put together by Stan on 2019 01 02.



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1 Response to An Oldie from 2009!! I Was There; Were You????

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    A great man with a loving supportive wife who by the way shoots a mean game of Shuffleboard herself. Winning friends like these two is far better than winning games in n Shuffleboard!

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