Travels of Stan and Lois; this time to Yukon in 1997. (Posted 2019 01 06)

Can I Entice You Into Canada’s Yukon and More??

Article One. 2019  01 05.

As most of you are well aware, Lois and I have travelled extensively. I can say without hesitation that our travels of 1997 to Canada’s Yukon and British Columbia, continue to bring back the fondest of memories. If the Gold Rush of 1898 has an appeal to you, Dawson City and district is an absolute must do!!  I am going to give you a couple of travel articles of our 1997 adventure into the Yukon and BC:

(1) 1997 Travels of Stan and Lois! Life is an Adventure!

This module will be about our Excursion from Dawson City, NWT to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT.

Since the early 1970s I retained a desire to visit “TUK” because of stories told by a fellow Personnel Officer of the Ministry of Transport, Bob Whitmore. Bob had the responsibility of staffing northern sites in this part of Canada’s Arctic.  His stories had created in me the desire to someday go to TUK!!

Lois and I departed Lindsay ON, on 1997 06 30 with the objective of visiting Canada’s Yukon, including TUK, as well as taking in Alaska and then finding our way to Vancouver Island and eventually to Mexico. That same year, 1997, we had visited Russia with Don and Carol Welch.

This module begins in Dawson City 1 1997 travels of stan and lois

A Must Read, at least I believe So!! lol Stan6 our ext travels in 1997 yukon

Stan Writing in Lindsay, ON.  2019 01 06.

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