Yesterday, July 15th, 2011, Lois and I lunched with Scotty (Don Scott), his wife Nancy and Nick, (Jack Nicholson)

Stan, Nick & Scotty > A Long History!

Yesterday, July 15th, 2011, Lois and I lunched with Scotty (Don Scott), his wife Nancy and Nick, (Jack Nicholson) in Kingston, ON. Before I describe our Day, I am going to explain how this all came about. Remember we had not seen the Nicholsons or the Scotts since my 50th birthday celebration at our Oshawa (6th Concession) Home.
I had been searching through my files (stored on my PMD > personal media device) when I came across a Folder on Scouting. One of the files contained the list of Rovers who attended Skip Anderson’s Anniversary Celebration. On the file, in my hand writing was the telephone number of Scotty. On 2011 07 04 I picked up the phone and punched in the number. Sure enough, the answering service clearly indicated I had reached the Scotts > so I left a brief message and later Scotty returned my call. He suggested that just possibly we could meet at his son’s home on the outskirts of Kingston, ON. He explained that he would be there on July 14th and 15th and that Lunch on the 15th would be great!! We talked of inviting Nick and I said I would take care of that. I was able to find Nick’s phone number, called him and the rest is history!!
Scotty asked us to meet him circa 10:30 at his son’s home, Doctor Scott, 1628 St Lawrence Ave., Kingston, Treasure Island. Lois and I arrived and found Scotty on the front porch which overlooks the St Lawrence River. At this point the river is quite wide although it is not a shipping lane. You can see Wolfe Island and another island > great view > great home > great location!
The first words I uttered upon seeing Scotty were: “You look like your Dad”! The second outburst/question was: “Can you explain to me how it came about that you lost your hair”??
Scotty took Lois and I into the living room and the conversation began. Nick arrived about 15 minutes later and joined the discussion.
Scotty had told me during our telephone conversation that Nancy was in the advanced stage of Alzheimer’s. She was seated in one of the comfortable chairs in the living room. She could not talk >> although later I came to the conclusion, perhaps erroneously, that she was able to communicate > especially through her eyes. She could not walk although Lois said at one point when Scotty and I left the room she did in fact rise and move toward the piano. She had absolutely no memory; none that we could discern, although there appeared to some happy sounds come from her >> albeit infrequently. In summary she was totally, completely, constantly, in need of Scotty’s care and attention >> and that is precisely what she received! Scotty does get to golf one day a week and of course family is willing to help when they are available. Scotty lives at 273 Fairlawn Ave in Toronto. During Lunch, at one point Nancy and I exchanged eye contact and I could discern joy in her eyes >> I clapped Scotty on his arm and told him: “Hey Scotty, she likes me; I am going to look after her”! Many times throughout the Lunch, the two of them would hold hands. She did not like all of the food given to her by Scotty >> and if it was “really bad” > her facial expressions clearly indicated her distaste!! It was sad, but in some ways, it was delightful as you thought about the care/love one human being has for another. When dinner ended and we all went our own way, each of us gave “Nance” a Big Hug! Scotty said that she really appreciated such demonstrations of emotion.
Lois, I and Jack had all been guests at their wedding in Kapuskasing some 50 years earlier. And at our wedding in 1956 Scotty had been our Best Man and Jack an usher. While on this Time Line, I should share with you that at my 50th Birthday Celebration, July of 1986, Nancy performed a professional Belly Dance to the delight of everyone!!  (Sorry; no pix?)
In the way of introduction to some of the Scout related stories I should explain that Jack and Scotty and I, were all active members of the 8th Oshawa Sea Scouts which met every Thursday evening on Hillcroft St. When I first joined at the age of 12, I was assigned to the Beaver Patrol > Ted Collis was the Patrol Leader. Sometime later I became the PL and Scotty became my Seconder. Still later Scotty became the PL and I became a Troop Leader. Jack at about the time I was a PL of the Beaver Patrol was the PL of the Otter Patrol. We were always together for Scouting activities and somewhat less so in High School even though we all went to OCVI. I think I must have been 1 year ahead of them as I started Hi at a younger age.
During Lunch Scotty told the story of his Journey (first class I believe) during which I was supposed to be certifying his competence >> as I understood his remarks. He said that I had him prepare a full dinner > over an open fire and then later I took him into Fenelon Falls on my Motorcycle!! That would have been either a small German Bike which I had only for a short time > an NSU, OR most likely my 350 Triumph. It appears we had a good time but I am not sure how much Scotty learned??? I would have to have been 15 at that time as that is when I obtained my driver’s license.
He also had memories of hauling a bull in the back of Levi Ellins’ ½ Ton Truck. He maintains the bull kept lurching and the truck moved accordingly >> as indeed it would since a 1/ 2 Ton is not the most suitable method of moving a bull!!!
Scotty then told the story of working at the Tannery (with some help from Nick). It seems that scrapping hides from freshly slaughtered animals was not to Scotty’s liking!!! One of the shortest terms of employment ever experienced was the result!!!
I don’t think I have to tell you that we had a great visit!!!
Stan writing in Calabogie 2011 07 16.
Post Script: Later, circa Sep. of 2011, Scotty advised me that he had finally had Nancy admitted to a Home.

Stan writing on 2019 01 07: Nancy died shortly after her admission to the Home. .

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