Q and A re HEARTLAND GAMES by Neil Simpson!!

People have asked by Neil Simpson: 

Q In partners’ play, if one is 76 and the other 68, in which age bracket do they compete?
A 65-69 – always the age group of the younger player.

Q Does the $20 fee cover both the 5k and 10k cycling time trials?
A Yes. In any event where there is more than one component on a single day, the whole day is covered.

Q May I enter more than two events for $30?
A Sure! Take part in as many events as you wish. All for $30.
Don’t forget that a light lunch is included at many of the events.

Q Is there anything new in 2019?
Yes. Horseshoes has been brought back after a few years’ absence.
The 50 metre run has been added to T&F.

Q What are this year’s shirts like?
A Once again, they are dri-fit. Check them out in the photos at the top. 

2019 Registration Form:  2019 registration form – fillable (3)

Neil Simpson; Ambassador for Heartland Games
(863) 382-8349


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