Interesting Info. With Regard to the Orange Blossom of Sebring, FL. 2019 and 2006

First and foremost, if you wish to see some great pix of the “Winners” of the 2019 Orange Blossom, click on link below: : 2019 Winners Above:

And NOW to some info. I wrote in 2006:  MAJOR STATE-WIDE SHUFFLEBOARD EVENT TO BE HELD IN SEBRING~~Jan 2nd & Jan 3rd.

Shufflers from across the State will be competing in a “State-Wide” Florida Shuffleboard sanctioned event at the Shuffleboard Club at 333 Pomegranate Ave in Sebring.
The Event is appropriately named the Orange Blossom >> appropriate because Sebring is in the heart of the Orange Orchards of Central Florida. The “Pros” will begin arriving on Sunday or Monday to “Warm up the Courts”, with the serious action beginning Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. on Jan 02nd.
You can count on the seeing the “very best” of shuffling!! Shuffling at the Pro Level has been going since September but it is in the New Year that the Pro Circuit gets serious!!
The Top Eight in both the Women’s and Men’s Divisions will compete at the end of the Season in the Florida State Masters. As we make the turn into 2007, leading the Women’s Division is Joan Cook of Betmar with Pat Whitaker of Golf Lakes in 2nd place. Other great female contenders expected are: Ellen Davis of Seminole Gardens; Ann Wedel of Golf Lakes; Ann Hersom of Golf Lakes and Diana Morrison of Lakeland.
In the Men’s Division, leading the pack is Earl Ball of Betmar; in hot pursuit are Mike Vassalotti of Clearwater; Chuck Stansburge of Spanish Lakes and Jim Bailey of Bradenton.
Public seating is available ~~ turn out and observe some of the best Shuffling anywhere.
Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER

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