Randall Gearsback’s 80th Birthday is Celebrated at Betmar!!!


Judi Gearsbeck, Betmars supreme activities Director, put together a surprise, 80th, birthday party for husband Randall, Betmars outstanding Shuffleboard Tournament Manager and if you’ve played on his courts you know why I say outstanding, and Randall was actually surprised. I can’t imagine what it takes to coordinate 25 relativities from as far away as California, New York and Tennessee, let alone 75 additional friends, many Shufflers, with out word getting out and spoiling the surprise. The food was to die for but it always is at Betmar; the cake was designed with a shuffleboard in the frosting and everyone had a great time. One of the pictures shows Marshall Jordan and Bill Lohmeyer, both shufflers, with Randall; both turned 83 today.

Article by Earl Ball WITH THANKS. 2019 01 12

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