WCD Webmaster Comments!!

West Coast President Jan Cote.

Stan Bober Writes: I didn’t stick around to get pictures of the finalist but it was a great tournament. The H of F banquet was also wonderful and Jan Cote with some help, did an unbelievable job of decorating the hall and putting on the entire program as well.

Every time I hear someone say shuffleboard is dying, I just need to go to various parks with courts and many pro-amateur tournaments to find out people that say that are walking around with blinders.

stan bober
wcd webmaster

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2 Responses to WCD Webmaster Comments!!

  1. Joyce and Bob Smith says:

    It was a wonderful evening and Jan did a fabulous job. It was an exceptional banquet for our inductees.

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  2. Ron Nurnberger &Pam says:

    Pam and I can t thank her enough for making ‘our night’ special


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