ND 20 No 2 Pro tournament at Hawthorne Reported by Al Dronsfield

ND 20 No 2 Pro tournament at Hawthorne Thursday was a chilly one in the Northern District, leaving the Villages with frost on the roof tops it was a sign it might be a bit uncomfortable. A rather large turnout considering the limited number of amateurs and the temperatures in the 30’s.
48 Teams to be exact, Directed by Donna King and the traditional sponsor for this one at Hawthorne, Bob Robinson.
Pauline did her best to accommodate a larger than average turnout caught her a bit short on supplies day one. Never the less she and her crew did the best they could with lunches.
A special thanks to Bill Jones, Bob Robinson and crew for preparing the courts. A little sluggish to start with but speed improved as the temperatures began raising.
The large turnout made for many byes and in the end there was some catching up to do.
On a personal note, I had Fred Thompson who had relocated from the Bradenton area and along with Paul Hodges they both got their move up points to pro this season. It was a lot of fun playing with Fred as we committed to this a year ago and the wait was well worth while as we managed to go wire to wire winning it. Especially rewarding for both of us. How perfect it was meeting Stan and Paul in the finals.
That’s the last of the No 2 Pro tournaments this season, but there is the Pro Am Draw coming up in a couple of weeks at Orange City.
It was noticed that many new faces in the amateurs side of this one appeared, that was good to see.
Thanks to everyone in making this an enjoyable event.
Next week we have the Amateurs at the Holiday RV Villages ND21 Any Am Dbls. that’s on Monday, Tuesday possibly Wednesday. They are showing lunches available, yum, yum the belly buster hot dogs.
Next week Thursday and Friday we are at Leesburg for the ND22 Pro Draw and Nd23 Amateur Draw. Lunches available at Leesburg also.

Main Event
1st. Allen Dronsfield/Fred Thompson ——————-Leesburg
2nd. Stan Williamson/Paul Hodges ———————- Quail Hollow/Leesburg
3rd. Frank Cherill/Jeff Geesey —————————-Leesburg
4th. Derek & Len Johnson ———————————Holiday RV Village

1st. Larry Whalen/Frank DeRocchi ——————–Leesburg/Holiday RV Village
2nd. Bob Robinson/Bonnie Goetzinger —————Hawthorne
3rd. Dick Kolczynski/Ken Kissling ——————– Clerbrook
4th. Cheryl Cole/Donna Lewis ————————-Tavares/Deland

Reported 1/19/19

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