Amateur State Tournament at ZSC. A15B , Any Doubles.


Big Winners. Gerrit and Gerdien

HELLO everyone and Happy New Year from the Earles!

Things are booming in Zephyrhills and I want to tell you about it.
Today at the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club people came from near and far to register to play in today’s Amateur Tournament, in spite of the bitter COLD!!
There were 76 very brave souls turned out to join in the fun of trying their skills in a State Tournament.

When the event commenced, we heard a lovely rendition of the beautiful American National Anthem and a great welcome and comments from John Houghtaling, followed by an invocation by Jim Marquess.
Since there was a good deal of money in the 50/50 draw today, it was decided to divide it into 2 prizes. The first prize was won by Gerrit Dykeman and when the 2nd number was drawn, can you believe, it was Mr Dykeman’s wife, Gerdien!! What are the chances of that happening!!!

David Earle is the tournament director (he loves these amateurs), and with a little help from his friends, Jeanette Harvey & Glenn Monroe, they set the wheels in motion.
There were so many people that 6 teams had to wait for a court. Being the nature of good shufflers, they all took it it good stride. They patiently awaited their turns to get a chance to “show their stuff” on the courts!

It is starting off to be an excellent tournament. Being a watcher, I’d say there are some well-trained amateurs in our midst this year. Watch out Pros….they are moving up!!
Stay tuned for the results probably late tomorrow.
Submitted by Glenna Earle.  2019 01 21

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