Lindner/Ball Win Central District Championship.

Lindner/Ball Win District Championship

Ray Linder, who just qualified to become a Pro next fall, teamed with 1000 Point, Green Jacket Master Earl Ball to win the Central District Shuffleboard Pro/Am Championship at Betmar n Saturday, January 26th at the Betmar Club courts.

Ray followed along for the 1st three matches trying to determine what his roll was.  In the semi finals his confidence picked up and he led the team back in the 1st game, to go up one game to none, but the 2nd game was lost.

In the 3rd game Ray really took over and the team won the 3rd game on his final hammer shot into the 8 for victory. In the Championship match on Saturday morning it didn’t take long to recognize Earl was having trouble with the court so if they were going to win it was up to Ray to shine. They won the first game on the final shot by Ray and he almost pulled out the 2nd game with the final shot but the match went to a third game and it was either teams game, going into the final frame, but Ray pulled it off with a great shot taking out the opponents half hidden block and rolling into the scoring area for victory.

Stan Speaks:  GREAT REPORTING EARL!!  2019 01 26

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