Earl Ball Speaks: Little Things Matter!! You Bet They Do!!

Earl Ball Speaks:  Betmar hosts open practice for anyone on the Sunday afternoon before a State Tournament. This past Sunday we had 8 or 9 courts going and I take it upon myself to help singles that come in to find an open spot to practice. Well, we had three on our court when Tom and Marti Dumas, hoss collor players, came in to practice.

I didn’t see Marti so I asked Tom to join our court; he pointed out that Marti was present so I said by all means go practice with her. A few minutes later Tom showed up and said Marti was going home to sew, so he joined our court.

We’ve had a lot of flu here in Florida so I was looking for someone to play with Cindy Wood whose partner had the flu and I mentioned it to Tom and wondered if Marti might like to play in the tournament. I didn’t realize it but Tom called her and she came back to practice and see if she thought she could do it. A little help from Mary McLin on how to setup and she was ready to give it a try. Cindy was happy because she is always trying to get new players to try tournament play.

Well, you can imagine trying your first tournament against the best players in the State might limit your chances of victory and as luck would have it, they played courts 7 & 8 which are very challenging for the best players; they played a couple of competitive games but lost.

During this whole process I asked Tom to come ready to play on Monday morning in case someone needed a partner. As luck or bad luck would have it, Ron Ferry found out at quarter to nine that his partner, George Darwin one of our best, had the flu and couldn’t play. I asked Ron, who is an outstanding player, if he would play with Tom, a brand-new player to tournaments, and he said sure; he’d like to help Tom get started. Wouldn’t you know it, they won a game in the first match and then they won a match but lost the third match. I’ll have you know when I started, I washed out in four straight games, games that were very lopsided.  Good for Tom and Thanks so much to Ron.
All of that is a great story; but the best story is the attached NOTE!
Earl 2019 01 30  Stan Speaks: The NOTE is a reinforcement of the TITLE.  I left the note in the same format as received by Earl. It obviously moved Earl;  indeed, Little Things Do Matter.  tomdumisnote1-29-200820190130_08543036  

We, writers of The Shuffler, encourage YOU to send along your story!!!  

Stan: 2019 01 30:  Send STORY to Stanistheman_200@yahoo.com  


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4 Responses to Earl Ball Speaks: Little Things Matter!! You Bet They Do!!

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Outstanding article. Highlights a sensitive subject detrimental to the growth of this sport. Huge congrats to Earl for looking out for those new timid folks in the background as they are the future of this game we all love.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. stanistheman says:

    MICHAEL: Your name is familiar to me. I believe I have read articles by YOU, and MICHAEL, they were outstanding!! Please consider sending some along to The Shuffler!! Stanistheman_200@yahoo.com


    • Michael Zellner says:

      Dear Stan,
      I have sought out and am enjoying retirement. Lol
      I’ve traded in my cue for a series of fishing rods and a big new boat. I wil however l compete in Shuffleboard tournaments on 2/6 in Hecksher Park and 2/25 in the Polk Senior Games and again with Jim Allen on 2/27 doubles at the same games. Hope your doing well my special friend. The times we shared together were incredible!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. stanistheman says:

    Do WELL Michael Enjoy the FISHING!! Especially, enjoy the Polk Senior Games!! Please feel free to send along STORIES about either!! Stan


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