CDA 15: 38 Players: 2019 01 31 and 2019 02 01. Sanlan RV and Golf Resort.

Sanlan CDA 15. 
Sponsors Sanlan RV and Golf Resort Sanlan Shuffleboard Club


1st Murray Estabrooks Mark Neels 4322
2nd Robert Maine Dick Burns
3rd Frank Pogel Dave Stoops 4325
4th Morris Wiper Bill Van Eerd


1st Dirk Devries Linda Devries 4317
2nd Rae Letarte Norma Van Eerd
3rd Jim Paige Jon Friedl 4319
4th Ginger Bauman Michial Schmitt
Director Marlene Corbeil.   Stan Speaks: Big thank you to Marlene for sending along these RESULTS.  2019 02 01

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