FSA CDP 15, Pro and State Am Draw Doubles Hosted by Lakeland. 75 pts. or 16 Frames

Murphy/Stockman Win & Ruess & Ball Win

The District Tournament was held at Lakeland on Thursday, January 31st, with everyone dressed heavily to defy the cold temperatures and winds. The final two women’s teams, Pat Stockman and Pauline Murphy vs. Barbara Fournier and Cheryl Conkle, came back Friday for an exciting match with many reversals in scores. Stockman and Murphy got off to a good start gaining an early lead. They were able to maintain the lead throughout and claim the first game. In the second game, the Stockman-Murphy team again gained an early lead. It was 37 to minus 6. Then things began to change with Barb and Cheryl scoring on both the opponents’ hammers and their own. With 4 frames left they had taken the lead and were able to claim the victory in that game. The 3rd game had its own twists and turns. Again, a sizable lead belonged to Pat and Pauline after 6 frames, but you could never count the opposition out. Barb was able to bring her team back by outscoring Pauline 25-7 in one frame. Then Cheryl made a few great bump-up shots and the scores were within a few points. In the end, Stockman and Murphy were the winners but it was not an easy feat. Murphy was quick to add that never has she been partnered up with Pat Stockman and not placed in a tournament!

In the Men’s Tournament, DeLane Ruess and Earl Ball were lucky to survive the three elimination rounds on the 1st day. All three matches were close as neither Ruess nor Ball could get out of their own way. Somehow they won and claimed the Semis and Championship matches in two games each.

Authored by Earl Ball.  Many thanks Earl!!   Narratives such as this add a great deal to the interest of any match!!!  Stan in  Lindsay, ON. 2019 02 02.


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