LADIES DIVISION L/R: 1st Place; Marlene Coburn & Pam Nurnberger. 2nd Place; Nancy Sclafani & Linda Wallingford. 3rd Place; Terri Smith & Marilyn Everett. 4th Place; Donna Schultz & Jane Schram.
CONSOLATION: 1st Place; Cheryl Putnam & Ingrid Broadhead. 2nd Place; Arlene McCague & Eva Mae Lake. 3rd Place; Adriana Cramton & Sharon Olmstead. 4th Place; Dian Darrah & Carol Maxwell.

MEN’S DIVISION (L/R): 2nd Place; Dave Welsh & Ed Leonard. 1st Place; Larry Taylor & Larry Mardis. 3rd Place; Levi Miller & John Roberson. 4th Place; Bob Kendall & Darral Blake.
CONSOLATION: 1st Place; Jerry Stannard & Murry Potter. 2nd; Grant Childerhose & Lloyd Schmidt. 3rd; Faren Vandegrift & Clarence Gingerich. 4th; Ken Laver & Gordon Fethke.

SPONSORS: Shannon Funeral Home; Mobile Home Depot & Bradenton Insurance.
DIRECTORS: Pat Batdorff & Jo Miller.

Reporting for SWCD, Ron Nurnberger.

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