John Brown’s Newspaper Article: 2019 02 06

We all have memories from family, school, work and play. That popular song a couple of generations ago encouraged us to reflect upon the past. Some things we all threw away once are now valuable, and the scarcer they become, the more pricey they become.
Earlier this season, this column remembered several shuffleboard memories from past decades. Today we will reflect on my own most valuable shot, a 48-point swing. Nearly two decades ago, playing at Ft. Pierce against Don Bladorn of Wisconsin and Sebring in the last shot of the tournament I was in the kitchen and Don had a 10. I had an 8-8 liner and the hammer; we were behind but not by much. I wound up and hit Don’s 10, replacing it (20-point swing); his disc touched my 8-8 liner, sending it to score an 8 (28-point swing already). His disc hit my kitchen, knocking it off (38-point swing now) and miraculously his disc stayed in the kitchen (48-point swing). Game, and tournament.
Mrs. Bladorn was our score keeper, and she was so mad, that when I thanked her for her work, admitting I was lucky on the last shot, she shouted emphatically, “that if that _ _ _ _ ___ Bladorn hadn’t been on the board when he was ahead, my “lucky” shot would have been impossible! It was true, but Don was embarrassed by her outburst, and avoided me for 6 weeks, but we later became good friends. Unfortunately, Don died in Wisconsin with 199 points, but was later put in the Hall of Fame as a Promoter, Special Award. I can use their names as none of them survive today, but there are lessons here for all of us. “Memories Are Made Of This”.
FL A-16A Paradise Bay Jan. 28,Any Ams/Any Doubles. 75 pts. Main: 1. Patrick Antaya-David Evenson, 2 Dian Darrah-Ken Maxwell, 3. Elaine Antaya-Sandra Kolasinski, 4. Marijane and Gene Clark. Consolation: 1 Steve Biscontine-Marilyn Rotman, 3. Edward Nawrocki-David H. Smith, 4. Donald Cadotte- Fernand Montplaisir.
SWCD D-15 at Bradenton, Jan. 31, Open M/L Doubles, 75 pts. Men Main: 1. Larry Mardis-Larry Taylor, 2 Ed Leonard-Dave Welsh, 3. Levi Miller-John Roberson, 4. Bob Kendall-Darrell Blake. Consolation: 1 Jerry Stannard-Murray Potter, 2 Grant Childerhose-Ll,oyd Sc hmidt, 3. Faren Van DeGrift-Clarence Gin gerich, 4. Ken Laver-Gordon Fethke. Ladies Main :1. Marlene Coburn-Pam Nurnberger, 2 Nancy Sclafani-Linda Wallingford, 3. Terri Smith-Marilyn Everett, 4.Donna Schultz-Jane Schram, Consolation: 1. Cheryl Putnam-Ingrid Broadhead, 2 Arlene McCague-Eva Mae Lake, 3. Adriana Cramton-Sharon Olmstead, 4. Dian Darrah-Carol Maxwell.
SWCD A-12, Bradenton Feb.1: Main: 1 Patrick Antaya-John Simmons, 2. Don Trottier-M ike Colllins, 3. Frank Marderson-Paul Maille, 4. Larry Fowler-Ursula Joyal. Consolation: 1. Tony Souza-Fernand Montplaisir, 2. Mary Fowler-Moe Joyal, 3. Rita Marderosian-Janet Eisses, 4. Mary Federation-Larry Bennett.
Tomorrow, Thursday Feb. 7 at Bradenton, SWCD D-16 Open M/L Doubles, 75 points, partner needed, no lunch available.
Friday Feb. 8 at Bradenton SWCD A-13 Any Ams/Any Doubles
Next Monday Feb. 11 FL P-20 A at Golf Lakes Open M/L Doubles 75 points no lunch available
Also next Monday Feb. 11 FLP-20B at Hawthorne Open M/L Doubles 75 points , lunch available
Tuesday Feb. 12 at Golf Lakes FL A 18 Any Ams/Any Doubles 75 points, no lunch available
. Players wanting to attend “Shuffleboard University” Sat. Feb . 23 at 9:00, Bradenton: Mark your calendar and c all 756-8548 so we will have a “Professor” for your class.
. Potential “Professors” let John Brown know he can count on you.
. Happy Shuffling.

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