Glen Peltier Has Been Giving Lessons at Clearwater for 19 Years!!

Stan Speaks: It is with regret that I share with you that Glen (Peltier)  has told me that his teaching days at Clearwater are coming to an end after 19 years.  Glen also told me he has mixed emotions over giving up what has been “a way of life” for him; “a way of life” over these 19 years.  Think of it: how many shufflers have benefited from Glen’s Lessons?  How much enjoyment has he brought into the lives of his many students?  How many lives has he enriched??

Glen is leaving the door open and has NOT ruled out lessoning in the future.
In closing this article, I tell you that Glen and I are the very same age, AND that I have been closely involved with The Shuffler for 18 years. I have some appreciation for Glen’s rationale.

Stan McCormack. 2019 02 07

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