Article by Glenna Earle: Forest Lake Estates Results.

Another bang-up Amateur Tournament finished today at Forest Lake Estates.
The games were very intense and once again we saw some fabulous shooting by our 2019 Amateurs.
Some of the games were so close it could have gone either way, so all teams did extremely well.

David Earle was the TD for this event and once again he had all good things to say about these newbies!
Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who came to play and to watch. It is encouraging to have a large group of spectators. Some of those watchers had never seen the game played before. Maybe some future players felt inspired!
Thank you to all the FLE folks for their help in preparing and organizing the event.

The following are the names of the people in the pictures and how they placed, sorry, not in order.

MAIN 2nd -Tim Baker & Fred Ritzman ZSC
Cons 3rd- Roland Clark & Wil Vanderwielen ZSC & FLE
Cons 1st –Robert Maine & Gary McLean Palm View Gardens & FLE
MAIN 1ST- Wilfred Buckle & Henna Smith FLE & Betmar
Cons 2nd- Karen Lightner & Eleanor Crowell FLE & ZSC
Cons 4th- Tim Kennedy & Frank Pogel FLE & ZSC
MAIN 4th- Dave Stoops & Jim Bell ZSC & Lakeland
MAIN 3rd- Davis Bryans & Barry Cooper FLE

Submitted by Glenna Earle:  2019 02 09

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