What a magnificent day for the 2019 Hall of Fame Classic in Winterhaven! BY GLENNA EARLE.

Current (2019) INDUCTEES.


What a magnificent day for the 2019 Hall of Fame Classic in Winterhaven!
A huge crowd assembled to play the games and to witness the induction of 4 new members into the prestigious Central District Hall Of Fame.

There were 113 players and many additional people who helped run the event.
The organizers, Jim & Ginny Chandler, Bob & Linda Marshman (curators) did an outstanding job.
New President John Houghtaling was running around taking care of loose ends. The very competent and efficient out-going President, Doug Stockman, and his wife Pat, are making this their last season in Florida. They will be greatly missed!!!

Many helpers kept the games moving- Larry Brown, David Earle, Bob Marshman, Jim & Ginny Chandler, as well as others as needed. The capable Directors were Marlene Corbeil and George Adyns.
Before assembling in the hall for the ceremonies, our dear friend Jerry Stannard in his red jacket, arrived to be amongst us as we proceeded to the ceremony. Jerry was once President at Winterhaven but moved to the Bradenton area in order to allow his Dad (Gib Stannard, who recently passed away, well over 100 yrs of age) to be able to play more shuffleboard without having to travel so far. We really appreciated having Jerry join us.

Winners of the tournament were given their envelopes after the induction ceremony.
Many gift certificates were donated totalling about $850.00. A lot of happy diners will use these, thanks to all the generous contributors! The food was just as scrumptious as usual!
Thanks to everyone for a very successful day!!!
Submitted by Glenna Earle.  Stan Speaks: Thanks so very very much to Glenna for her customary excellent report. Stan; 2019 03 08

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1 Response to What a magnificent day for the 2019 Hall of Fame Classic in Winterhaven! BY GLENNA EARLE.

  1. Virginia Chandler says:

    It was a magnificent turnout today with 60 Pros and 54 Ams and they all brought lots of great food to share. More and more the players told us they enjoyed the M/S play in each division Pros and Ams. I also added a little something extra to the day by giving each division the loser player bag. I am sure we will hear comments about this little addition to another fun filled tournament, A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HELP IN A FAST SETTING UP AND CLEANING UP ! IT WAS GREATLY APPRECIATED ! George and Marlene and Winter Haven shuffle members were so great to work with too ! THANK YOU !


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