Larry Brown SUPPORTS Earl Ball in 2017.


I was at the FSA Tournament in Bradenton yesterday and before the draw President, Dave Kudro, told me the tournament was down 12 teams. I don’t know if that’s men’s and women’s combined or just men but that’s 24 players. We’ve been taking a hit yearly for a long time but much more so this season. I know all the excuses but that’s just what they are, excuses! We, the FSA, need to take action and I believe that we need to give an incentive to those that have stopped playing the tournaments. I know and you know that many players have stopped playing the tournaments because they realize they can’t win anything. It’s time we start giving a point for each match won starting with the round of 32; you must win the match by playing. Yes, we would be giving out more points but that is the incentive and yes, over time it may help some get to the Hall of Fame but that’s not a bad thing when you look at it from the health of the game tournament wise. I wouldn’t change consolation, after all you lost the 1st match; I’d also leave the payout alone except maybe giving something for the quarters in a large tournament, size would need to be determined. It seems we need to give an incentive to bring back our great players that have stopped playing. We all know many players stop playing some or all tournaments when they make the Hall of Fame; 200 points. It seems like we need to give some award for every couple hundred points so the carrot is out there.
It would require a program addition and the tournament director to fill out more spaces on the report form but the tournament director has time available after the initial rush the 1st morning.
This would also cure the small tournament point problem.
There’s not a one of us that doesn’t know that waiting cuts into our tournament fields significantly, I listened to all the gripping yesterday, and yet we don’t do the simple things we can do to help the problem. I was VERY impressed with the lecture Delores Brown, the tournament director, gave before the tournament. She told us to get the score card in immediately after the match is completed. That we would have 20 minutes for lunch from the time the card is turned in. That if you are put on notice that you are next up for a court that that was when you needed to go to the bathroom and get everything ready that you need to play. We know that putting the byes at the top of the chart eliminates having a number of teams waiting and looking at each other, in frustration, with courts empty. In a large tournament, like we used to have, spreading the byes was OK because we didn’t have enough courts anyway; that is rarely the problem anymore. Little things like a two block lag instead of four and 75 points difference is a game shows we recognize the situation and are trying to make changes that will help.
We have been on the verge of losing our game from a tournament point of view for some time. We must act or we will no longer be on the verge! If you don’t like what I’ve said, fine, then you say something but don’t stand by and watch it go down the drain while you were silent! Earl Ball.

Larry Brown Speaks: “I sat down at my computer this morning, as always I went to the Shuffler website. The lead story is Earl speaking his mind on tournament players needed. I read the article 3 times and I knew I had to respond. I’ve been involved with shuffleboard on the district board for a number of years and a State Representative for a number of years. This is the first time that I have ever heard a shuffler of super star status address the biggest reason why state tournaments attendance is in decline.
Over the many years the State Board has tried many different venues, through advertising more, encouraging more prize money etc. Earl has hit it squarely on the button why a large number of shufflers do not play in many state tournaments.
I use myself as an example. I’m not a Hall of Famer, I’m not a super star, I’m an average player, to every once and awhile, a good player. I have quit going to State tournaments because I realize I have no chance of winning. Now, I know all the super stars will say “practice more, practice more”. There are a large number of players, like myself, that could shoot a 1000 discs a day and probably would not improve over 5 percent.
Now please understand, I’m not taking a shot at the FSA, because the first time in a number of years our president, Dave Kudro, is working hard to come up with ways to help attendance.
Earl has hit it squarely on the head. Until they find a way for average players like myself, and many others to get a point or two, attendance will continue to decline.
I congratulate Earl for speaking his mind on this topic. I, for one, believe he is right on.
Ruth and I wish everyone a Happy New Year.
Larry Brown, CD State Rep. 2017 12 29

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