Fine Words by One of the Best, Glen Peltier!!! 2019 03 17

Glen Peltier Speaks:  People ask me all the time who I feel has been the best shuffleboard player of all time. I have to be honest and say many of us have been the best at a certain time in our career. I feel that I have known at least fifteen men that I would put in that category. There is one category that Earl Ball owns. Earl has elevated his talent so he has the best amount of wins against loses I have ever seen. He does it year after year. He helps anyone who ask him for help. He plays great even though he is in constant pain. I have never heard Earl complain about his partner. As he gets older he will have more pain but I know he will work harder to succeed in his goal. I hear people say who was the greatest of all time and they mention someone else. I sure am glad that I have been fortunate enough to have played with so many great ones. None has been better than Earl.

Glen Peltier.

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