PETER VAN BUREN; A remarkable man!!!! 99 Yrs. Young on the 21st!!

Gary Pipher Speaks:  Yes Peter is still very much alive. Barb and I spoke with him last week and he sounds just like Peter from years ago. His activities have been somewhat less active than while in Woodbrook, FL  over the many winters. He said he does a lot of reading and lots and lots of crossword puzzles and of course both these activities keep his mind sharp and alert. He still pushes a lawnmower and cuts grass during the summer and of course he shoveled snow many times this winter.
He misses Florida but is so grateful that he enjoyed in excess of 45 years there . He is a remarkable man.
Peter will be 99 tomorrow and is still driving his car and living at his daughters.  because the Park where he has a mobile home is closed from Labor Day until the 1st of May. Peter still takes care of himself and is remarkably independent.
This picture of Peter, top left on ladder, was his last Christmas in Woodbrook before he sold his house (just look at him up the ladder hanging his lights.)

Comments by Gary and Barb Pipher; pic on left. 2019 03 20


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3 Responses to PETER VAN BUREN; A remarkable man!!!! 99 Yrs. Young on the 21st!!

  1. myrna says:

    Thanks for the lovely article on Peter . Please wish him a happy Birthday from us We miss you all so much. HUGS

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  2. Mary Mueller says:

    So lovely to see Peter up on a ladder even if he is 99 years old! What a guy! We’ll send him a card in the mail.


  3. Mary Mueller says:

    I see the address I have for Peter is at Turkey Point but I think that’s his summer residence. Could you give me his daughter’s address so that I could send him a card?


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