BREAKING NEWS!! Tournament of Champions Begins Tomorrow at SEBRING!! Show UP; You Will Be Glad You Did!!

BEGINNING TOMORROW at Sebring, March 25-27, the Florida Tournament of Champions will be held.

P-26 in the State Open Schedule will welcome eligible Pros to play in Walking Singles or Non-Walking Singles for Men and for Ladies. (If a Walking Division has less than 8, all must non-walk, as has happened of late for Ladies). The Walking game is 75 points, Non-Walking is 16 frames or 75 points. Eligibility for a Pro can play this this year if he placed in a Florida Upper Division Tournament even first, second, or third in Consolation; has 2 years eligibility for placing in the Main Event; and lifetime eligibility for First in Main.

The new part is A-23, Tournament of Champions for Amateurs. Also playing at Sebring, for the first time ever, T.O.C. for State Amateurs and District Amateurs.

Eligibility is for placing in a FL-A tournament once this 2018-2019 Season, you are eligible this year. (Placing in Main or Consolation}. Placing twice gives two years of eligibility; placing three times gives 3 years of eligibility.
The FSA Website has the eligibility list, based on the above rules.  So if you have placed you are eligible to play. Anybody can spectate (Sebring has a small grandstand} and so; come and play or watch. Remember that the proverb “use it or lose it” applies. In other words, you help our sport just by showing up, and many may be eligible without realizing it, for the Amateur Division is new and something of an experiment. Hope to see you there!

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