The 2019 FSA Masters 2019 04 01. Plan to Attend!!!

2010 ARTICLE BY GLEN PELTIER > FSA PRESIDENT at that time!! i.e. 2010

Glen Peltier Speaks: I don’t care to compare players from the past with those of the present. I never know if I am right or wrong. My personal feeling is: Teams that play 80% (of their matches) together don’t qualify for the honour of being the best of their era.
I am much more familiar with the men than I am with the ladies from the past. These players had great years running, Charlie Bone, Rosaire Biron, & Ken Worden who all played in the same era. Along came me, leading the points 5 years, winning the masters 4 of those years; Skip McCoy leading the way for several years to be taken over by Mike Vassalotti. Before leaving this thought, I want to say that I believe our current Master Players are as good as I have ever seen!!! WE HAVE VERY FINE PLAYERS!!
I have watched many women over the years. I would not want to miss anyone and there are so many great teams and great players from the past and the present. Mary Eldridge and Jane O can never be overlooked as they both played with many different players. I m, going to say something here, because I’m sure I am right. The very best woman player I have ever seen play this game dose not partner up. She is a good sport, plays every tournament. I don’t want to jinx her, but Judy Taylor goes in my book as the best I have ever seen. I only hope she continues at her pace. She is a complete player, never gives up and smiles when she loses. Judy wants this game to continue. I want Judy to continue. Make me right Judy.
Glen Peltier. FSA President. 2010 03 23.
The Shuffler: Post Script: It is reported to me that Judy (Taylor) placed 1st at Lakeland on 2010 03 23, thus giving her 83 season points, enough to tie Joan Cook’s modern-day Women’s Record!! The final Tournament of Champions Tournament at Clearwater on 2010 03 29 WILL INDEED BE EXCITING!! Will a NEW RECORD BE SET?? Stan and Alf of The Shuffler. 2010 03 25.

I feel anyone competing in the Masters is good enough to win the Masters! Having said that, I have found that the competitor, who has played the best all year, stands the best chance to come out on top.
I am happy to say that in my career, I have never tried to help anyone get into the Masters nor have I ever tried to keep anyone out of the Masters.
I believe that each individual should make it on his/her merit. Also I feel that everyone playing should if at all possible, play every game. In that way everyone plays each other. A fresh alternate throws the schedule off somewhat. Looking at the ladies playing in the Masters this year should give us some great matches to watch. The field is young and very strong and eager to win. Over the years I have found the unexpected can be expected. Someone always surprises us! I just cannot understand anyone qualifying for the Masters and not playing.
It kills me being in Canada knowing the Masters is going on. I hope to get a knee replacement, a few other health issues taken care of and come back in the fall better than ever. I want to wish everyone playing good luck. To my friend, 1st VP Phil Rebholz, the very best. He will do a fine job.
Glen Peltier. FSA President. 2010-03-31.

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