Happy 83rd B/Day to Glen Peltier; Fine Shuffler; Fine Gentleman!!

Glen Peltier, Shuffler Extraordinaire!

Shufflers Everywhere Celebrate with Glen; celebrate the 83rd Anniversary of his birth.

Glen Peltier began shuffling in Canada in the early 80s. He was President of the Marchand Club and later became President of the Thames Horizon Club, both located in southwestern ON. He became the CNSA (Canadian National Shuffleboard Assn.) President in 1985 and served with distinction for two years.
During this period, and since, Glen has provided lessons, attracting new members and growing the sport. For his success in this endeavour, Glen was inducted into the CNSA Hall of Fame in 2006.

In the State of FL where Glen shuffles during the winter, his name is synonymous with outstanding achievement in Shuffleboard. Glen has accumulated more wins, more points, than any living shuffler in the State. The State of FL official Shuffleboard Organization, the FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Assn.) when Glen reached the 1,000 point level, presented Glen with “The Green Jacket” of Shuffleboard. Glen now has accumulated 1,388 and is leading the next male player (Earl Ball) by 282 points. One other FL player has 1,071 points, also a Canadian, Joan Cook.

Notwithstanding Glen’s outstanding success he retains his modesty. Glen said this to me in 2010: “As for me, the best player is not determined by the number of points associated with his/her name. What is important is the game; the people; the partners, and the opportunity to teach that keeps me going. I hope to play another ten years or as long as I stay healthy. I believe 1500 points would be about right. I want to keep Earl busy!!! Lol” ((Earl is the player who is now 282 points back))
Stan McCormack. (Brought article up to date on 2019 03 25)

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3 Responses to Happy 83rd B/Day to Glen Peltier; Fine Shuffler; Fine Gentleman!!

  1. Pat Batdorff says:

    Glen, Happy Birthday to you! You haven’t changed much over the years! Keep shuffling, 1500 points is just around the corner!


  2. Sandi Quinn says:

    Hope your birthday was wonderful, Glen! We wish many more and an abundance of God’s blessings!!


  3. Bob and Marilyn says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Glen, may you have many more ahead of you in good health and happiness.


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