2019 FSA Masters Program: Please Review; Plan to Attend!!

Earl Ball Speaks:  Hi Folks!!
Attached is the Program. Please check it for any errors or changes that need to be made, it will be printed on Saturday.
As you can see we have several dignitaries that are expected to give short welcoming remarks. Our Club President, Neil Pearcy, is the Master of Ceremonies. He will start with Betmar Community President, Richard Heon, who is expected to say Welcome to Betmar. Dave Kudro, FSA President, will be next and is expected to say Welcome from the State. John Houghtaling, Central District President, will do the same from the District. Neil Pearcy, Club President, will follow with the same from the Club. Folks, as you can see, everyone needs a piece of this, so please try to stay in your own lane. Neil, Richard Heon is well versed in this but a reminder might help. The Program will then be turned over to Glenn Monroe, Tournament Director. Glenn knows better than the rest of us what needs to be done from here. Glenn, I expect you will tell all of us how the tournament will be run, I don’t know how you want to handle the player conduct discussion or directions to the Referee/Pushers. I expect Glenn will call the court assignments at this time.

The Building will be set up for maximum spectator seating and I expect many spectators in that we are in Zephyrhills. Glenn, where possible, I would like to have continuous play so we don’t lose the spectators in a dead spot. We will be using courts 13 thru 24 and Betmar’s normal scheduled play and open play will go on during the tournament using courts 1 thru 12 except for 6 because the foot of 6 will be set up for the tournament directors station.
We will start taking pictures at 8:30. Neil Pearcy will take the pictures of Men and Women players and one of all the workers present.
The courts will be open to Masters players to test the courts on Sunday from 1-4.
I have asked Pauline Murphy, who will be a Ref/Pusher to write stories for the Shuffler web site. I would also like to have a man do the same, any suggestion?
Glenn, if we could have the initial court assignments we can have the seat, name cards in place and eliminate that confusion.
On Thursday the awards luncheon is set for 12:30 and can’t be moved. If we get done early we will need to fill time or if a match is still going on it will be necessary to complete it after the awards as we have done in the past. The Awards Presentation will be handled by Glenn Monroe, Dave, you may want a part of this. It’s up to you and Glenn. One of you needs to acknowledge Josh Dulabaum who is representing Allen Shuffleboard. Dave is expected to make closing remarks for the FSA and Richard Heon will make final remarks for the Betmar Community.
I have asked Rick Johnson, our Treasurer, to cut ticket sales off around 90 so we will have tickets for the FSA Dignitaries that show up at the end. Dignitaries will be furnished a ticket but will need to purchase one for anyone accompanying them. Luncheon tickets are $10 and will be furnished to players and workers. Rick, I talked to Judi and you numbers are correct.
Please let me know if I missed something.
Earl 813 312 6421

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1 Response to 2019 FSA Masters Program: Please Review; Plan to Attend!!

  1. Terry Rainwater says:

    OK, so Betmar is the club host, Neal is Betmar leader, yet Earl is giving all the directions? DeJaVu……..


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