Trailer Estates hosted the 2019 Southwest Coast District Masters March 20-23 with 42 players in 6 Divisions. Perfect weather helped most have a very pleasant week.
District Amateur Ladies:
1. Janet Eisses of Golf Lakes and Nova Scotia raised a family of 5 on a dairy farm wit6h her husband Henry, and has enjoyed shuffle since 2015.
2. Mary Federation enjoys shuffle at Golf Lakes in Winter and returns to the Finger Lakes area of New York to be near children and grandkids.
3. Marcia Clark of Michigan is in Florida for the first time and enjoys meeting so many players who seem likely to be lifelong friends. She is elated that her husband and her parents all four placed in this tournament.
4. Ursula Joyal is from Sun City Center and has shuffled for a few years so far, having also placed last year.
District Amateur Men:
1. Fernand Montplaisir is from Montreal, Quebec, winters in Trailer Estates and has shuffled here for less than five years.
2. John Simmons of Piney Point and London, Ontario spends 5 months in Florida, so far. He plans to join Bradenton Shuffle Club next year when returning “HOME” to Florida.
3. Donald Cadotte, French speaker like his friend Fernand, is also from Quebec and Trailer Estates. The two of them are tireless workers and players, as is Donald’s wife, Murielle.
4. Jeff Kuhn is quite new to our District and competed surprisingly well, spurring us to believe he could progress even more next season.
5. Karl Clark, husband of Marcia and son-in-law of Tom and Cheryl Putnam here at Trailer Estates, in his very first Masters was playing quite competitively also.
6. Ron Timmerman of Tri-Par also plays at Trailer Estates weekly and has made great progress the past couple of years.
7. David H. Smith of Paradise Bay and Tecumseh, MI is in his first year of tournament play. David and Lo Ann have 3 children and 8 grands, after 46 years of marriage. He retired from Glidden Paint sales.
8. Moe Joyal of Sun City Center also placed in this tournament last season. Moe plays quietly and seems to enjoy it regularly.
State Amateur Ladies
1. Mary Fowler of Golf Lakes is a first year State Am. She and Larry are moving right along. She plans more tournaments next season to move up to Pro, and enjoys every step of the way.
2. Sandra Kolasinski of Massachusetts and Village on the Greens has shuffled about 12 years. Sandra has 3 children, 5 grands, and 4 great-grands. Her hobbies are reading, knitting, and bingo. Happy with her many shuffling friends, and as a new Pro looks forward to shuffling with the “Big Boys and Girls” next season.
3. Dian Darrah of Paradise Bay and New England is in training to become a tournament director. She also works at a music camp in summer.
4. Barbara Young of Trailer Estates and Beaverton, MI retired from the Saginaw Newspapers. Her daughter is from Saginaw and her 2 sons are in Arkansas. She enjoys shuffle and is a faithful volunteer at Fun Games at T.E.
5. Rita Marderosian is Mrs. Frank Marderosian, and they are faithful supporters of “Tuesday Night Shuffle” at Golf Lakes.
6. Janice O’Sullivan lives at Sea Breeze out near Cortez, and shuffles regularly in District tournaments.

State Amateur Men
1. Rick Hall also won this same place last year as a member of Bradenton Shuffle Club. He is a businessman in PA , a famed race car driver and even plays golf. He and his wife, Cheri Wargo watch others play and learn a lot. Rick also teaches others to play and plays himself at their residence courts at River Isles in Bradenton. Congratulations!
2. Tony Souza is a very strong fellow who plays gently and well.
3. John Hechinger of Bradenton Shuffle Club played in the District Amateur Masters last year and is a good sport. John is a Navy Veteran of the Vietnam conflict and has shuffled since 2015.
4. Jim Lessard of Ellenton Gardens and Salem NH played in the State Am Division last season and appears to be advancing. He was in District Amateur Masters in 2017.
5. Richard McCowan, now of Golf Lakes, is improving his home after a couple of years’ absence due to family health issues. We are all pleased to welcome them back.
6. Bill Bierema at age 91 will be a Pro on Oct. 1, 2019. He has had a good year and possibly is as excited as any of us to see October come.
7. Scott Fenimore at 81 has shuffled since 2009 and says he enjoyed every minute of competition and is thankful to know so many nice people. Scott first shuffled at a campground in the Central District.
8. Frank Marderosian, veteran player at Golf Lakes – even a past president there, -prefers not to become a Pro because of league play.

Pro Ladies
1. Arlene McCague of Palmetto and Defiance, OH has shuffled for 10 years. Arlene keeps a list of every partner with whom she ever played and she thanks them all for their support.
2. Cheryl Putnam of Trailer Estates and Michigan is secretary of Trailer Estates Shuffle Club. She is also active in Michigan Shuffleboard and helps husband Tom care for Trailer Estates courts as well.
3. Lois Wegner of Tri-Par and Wisconsin is a Green Bay Packer fan like her late husband Al. Lois has also been very loyal over the years to the Trailer Estates – Tri-Par Interpark Games on Wednesdays.
4. Shirley McCullough of Trailer Estates and Owasso, MI has been inspired by her sister Rita Coy to become an avid competitor. Shirley is a member of the FSA Hall of Fame.
5. Cindy Slaughterbeck of Trailer Estates and Bluffton, OH is fully employed yet in IT for hospitals, even while serving as President of the TESC.
6. Evelyn White of Ridgewood, widow of the late Raeburn White is surely one of the District’s best shufflers in her age bracket.
7. Donna Schultz of Cincinnati, OH is a retired teacher who plays out of Bradenton Shuffle Club. She also plays in OH.
8. Linda Wallingford of Bradenton Shuffle Club, and her husband Vern always have an attractive car. They love both cars and shuffling.
Marlene Coburn of Trailer Estates served faithfully every day as Pro Ladies alternate. Marlene is a member of the FSA Hall of Fame.

Pro Men
1. Tom Putnam of Trailer Estates and Michigan made an outstanding shot on his last disc in skill shots to place first in a very strong competition by the Pro Men. Tom is 1st Vice President at T.E. and works tirelessly on courts, discs and more.
2. Larry Mardis, Bradenton Shuffle Club and Cincinnati area of OH is a steady competitor, steady friend, and good leader. He is a retired dentist and helps others find office space in SW OH.
3. Jerry Stannard, Past President of SWCD, chair of SWCD Hall of Fame, and veteran of the Central District has shuffled on 2 family courts on Long Island Sound in CT. Jerry’s father Gilbert Stannard passed away this year at 105 years and one month. Jerry should get a star in his crown for care-giving.
4. Ed Leonard of Tropic Isles and Ontario, Canada thinks the Masters is a great way to finish the season with shuffleboard friends, and is looking forward to an exciting season in 2019-2020.
5. Ron Nurnberger, retired school administrator from Michigan is a Past President of SWCD and current President of Bradenton Shuffle Club and a member of the FSA Hall of Fame.
6. Grant Childerhose of Golf Lakes and Ontario, Canada has played well for many years in the SWCD.
7. John Mickle of Trailer Estates and Ontario shared this place with Dwayne Cross of Bradenton Shuffle Club and Michigan. Dwayne was Alternate.
8. John Roberson of Golf Lakes and Ohio, former Seminary classmate of this columnist, Retired Clergy and frequent Shuffleboard Chaplain is a gracious player, win or lose. His presence in the Masters is testament to solid play week after week.
This column salutes all the above and invites new people to enjoy one of the greatest sports anywhere.
Additional results: FL P-25 at Lakeland March 18-19. Men Main: 3. Tom Putnam & partner. Consolation: 1. Stan Kowalewski & partner.
Happy Shuffling.

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