Jay Davidson Inducted Into USNSA Hall of Fame

Jay Davidson was inducted into the United States National Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame at the CSA Soboba Classic Team Tournament banquet on March 29th, 2019.  Dale Monday, acting on behalf of NSA President, Rich Phifer, inducted Jay.  Dale presented the NSA plaque to Jay and Jay’s wife Marolyn put the NSA HOF pin on Jay.
Jay Induction
R-L Dale Monday, Marolyn Davidson and Jay Davison

Jay’s nomination letter

It is my distinct honor and privilege to nominate Jay Davidson for the National Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame – Special Category.

Jay is well-known throughout the International, National, and California Shuffleboard Associations (CSA) as well as within District 7 (Hemet) where he now resides. Jay meets the requirement of having been involved in shuffleboard for 10 years.

He is currently President of the California Shuffleboard Association. He has held this prestigious position the past 5 years and previously held the position of President of the Hemet West Shuffleboard Club.   He also is currently an advisor to the CSA District 7 board and to the CSA SOBOBA Classic Team Tournament Committee.

Jay has been a very active CSA President.  He took office when the state was having some administrative and player retention problems.   Upon taking office he reviewed the Constitution and By-Laws as well as the CSA financial program where he discovered that the tax- exempt status had lapsed many years ago.  He immediately acted to have these records updated.  He then re-wrote the rules for tournament operations. 

In addition, Jay visited many of the districts throughout the state establishing a rapport with the district presidents and advising them on how they could re-build their programs.  This has resulted in the districts renewing their participation in the CSA meetings and tournaments.   

Due to his outstanding leadership Jay was re-elected as CSA President in 2016.  

As President of CSA, Jay has been an active member of the USA NSA Board.  He has participated in all USA NSA bi-yearly meetings either attending or by attending via a telephone conference call. He has played in the World Senior Games in St. George, UT; the National Senior Games in Minneapolis, MN and the California & Washington Senior Games.  Jay is a 6-year member of the California Panthers’ team that plays in the NSA Western Team Tournament and also a 5-year member of the Calizona Compadres a team that has placed in four of the past five CSA tournaments. He has played in many of the CSA & District 7 tournaments as well as league play. He holds the National Pin having won first place on two occasions in National Doubles tournaments.  Also, he has mentored and trained numerous shufflers in the district.  Through his diligent efforts the district has introduced shuffleboard to numerous new shufflers.   

 He has competed in the last NSA East/West Challenge Event. Served as a volunteer for the ISA Team Championships in Seattle in 2014 and was selected to play on the NSA West team in Ontario in 2016.

Based on these achievements and initiatives, I strongly urge Jay’s election into the elite USA National Hall of Fame in the Special Category. 

Dale S, Monday, President

Arizona Shuffleboard Association


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4 Responses to Jay Davidson Inducted Into USNSA Hall of Fame

  1. stanistheman says:

    Congratulations Jay!! WELL DESERVED. Stan


  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    Congratulations Jay…we are proud of you
    Myrna & Rendall


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