2019 F.S.A. Pro Masters Final Results

2019 F.S.A. Pro Masters Winners


Final Standings




Masters Volunteers 1Masters Volunteers 2


Pat Armendinger Fred Leger
Duane Bauer Judy Leger
Irene Bauer Kathy Lennox
Doug Blair Jackie Lowe
Tom Butzin Rick Marks
Dave Camp Bob Marshman
Gloria Canady Linda Marshman
Jerry Collins Butch Martucci
Tom Dumas Gary McGaffey
Norm Duprey Mary McLin
Glenna Earle Don McNeil
Judi Gearsbeck Lorraine Merrifield
Randall Gearsbeck Shirley Monger
Jackie Goguen Pauline Murphy
Allan Hammond Jack Norton
Jeanette Harvey Patty Norton
Ethal Hebron Neil Pearcy
Gay Herman Karen Rhodes
Ralph Herman Betty Russell
Sue Herman Peggy Savage
John Houghtaling Roger Scott
Lee Hutchins Jan Send
Bailey Johnson Henna Smith
Rick Johnson Harry Taylor
Laura Jones Sharon Thomas
Joanne LaVere Cindy Wood
Heidi Lawrence



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2 Responses to 2019 F.S.A. Pro Masters Final Results

  1. dandmnoble says:

    Congratulations Terri and Earl, and to all participants!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Henry Strong says:

    Very good, looking forward to it.

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