Linda Rebholz Reflects on the 2019 Masters

The official end of the shuffleboard season in Florida came today with the finish of the Masters at Betmar. Phil and I have attended most of the masters tournaments over the years while he was president. After his tenure ended, we still wanted to be a part of the final games and the lunch/banquet so we traveled the three hours to reach Zephyrhills on Wednesday. I was pleased that most of the FSA officers were in attendance at the awards luncheon today to show support.

You will hear about the nail- biter matches, the great shots that players made and the victories and losses. You will hear how things went smoothly because of 50 volunteers and the great food from the kitchen with Judy Gearsbeck and crew. You MAY hear how two of the players were staying in a motel that had a fire during the night. All of this will be true but you can’t really experience the excitement unless you were there!
Phil has played in the masters and also been the alternate. It is an honor to reach the goal of being in the top eight but it is a grueling four days of play. It requires both stamina and determination of the players as they match wits and skill with their opponents. But at the end of those four days, they look at the charts with pride in each other. There are hugs and well wishes. I offer my congratulations to Terri and Earl, the champions and to all who played. You are all winners.
The Betmar Club and the Central District can heave a sigh of relief for a job well done. Me— I am going to treasure my hugs and look forward to the next Masters at St. Petersburg.
Have a safe journey if you are traveling North and enjoy your summer.
Linda Rebholz, FSA Secretary
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3 Responses to Linda Rebholz Reflects on the 2019 Masters

  1. Joyce Smith says:

    Thank you Linda. Very nice article.

    Joyce Smith
    Sent from my iPad


  2. Ron Nurnberger &Pam says:

    Who better to reflect on the history, sensitivity and value of the experience for all involved, players, volunteers and the Betmar community than Linda Rebolz. Much appreciated from Pam and I.


  3. stanistheman says:

    Linda: Another fine article reflecting on the MOST SIGNIFICANT FSA contest!!! As you correctly point out, EACH AND EVERY competitor is a WINNER!!!! Stan McCormack.


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